All in the Family & All in a Days Work!

All in the Family and All in A Day’s Work!

Normally we put client references on our reference page (and that list just keeps growing and growing!) but this one is a little special. We think Adam Kwiat is exceptional at finding his clients that perfect home and nobody works harder to make a deal come together and stay together. But recently Adam’s sister (and his business partner on a number of rental properties) Haley needed a home for herself and really she needed to react quickly. Criteria can be even tougher for family. They wanted a GREAT neighborhood, someplace where she can walk to lots of the best of Sarasota. And that can cost a lot! But they are both savvy real estate investors too – it had to have loads of upside potential while still being a great place to live RIGHT NOW.  Adam to the rescue and below Haley insists she gets to be a customer reference for her hard working brother!  We’re so lucky to have Adam on our team too!

Haley Kwiat’s Review:

“While I view myself as my brother’s biggest champion, I also know that I can be his absolute toughest critic. That being said, I am thoroughly impressed with the job that he did finding, negotiating and guiding me through the sale of my awesome new house. I had been searching in this area for months and Adam picked up on this house that I had failed to come across. Adam negotiated a good deal and in 30 days it was mine. I would recommend him to everyone I know, he’s truly exceptional at what he does. Oh and Let me just say: I LOVE my house!

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