Customer References

We love our clients and there is nothing that is a bigger compliment to us than when our clients recommend us to others.
Below are some customer references for our “Customer for Life” level of professional real estate service. This list keeps getting longer! We want to thank all these folks – what a treat it has been to work with them! We would like to add YOUR name to this list of happy customers. Why not call us 


From: Erik Suchsland

The RingTheWingers Team made the process of selling my condo swift and smooth. Mike was impressive right from our initial meeting where he presented a satisfying selling strategy based on his extensive knowledge. Mike was forthright and direct with his information and he earned my trust and confidence. Mike was always very responsive and helpful and he made the whole transaction as painless as can be. They exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Erik Suchsland


The TRUE skills and dedication of a professional shows itself under the most difficult situations.   I can attest to the Winger team being there when you find yourself in the middle of such a storm.  I know this from both being a selling client in the midst of a difficult divorce and most recently as a buyer with a limited budget and big hopes and dreams of finding a new sanctuary to call home.

The storm I refer to is the chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic dealt to the real estate business.  Turns out it was no match for the Winger’s determination, perseverance and creativity.  We began the search well before the shutdown and weathered numerous situations none of us planned for: viewing countless properties with masks and gloves, getting in homes before they even hit the MLS, the rollercoaster of pricing going up as well as down week to week,  rapidly dwindling inventory as each week passed as people decided to take their homes off the market or delay listing them during the difficult financial times ahead.  We stood in line during a storm with a dozen other agents/clients with umbrellas waiting to see a home that went on the market one day and was sold above ask the following morning.  We did this for many months.  No matter what the frustrations presented themselves during our search I knew Mike always had my back and Ann, thankfully was able to put everything into perspective to help see the best path forward no matter what new challenge presented itself at every turn.

Rest assured by the time you meet Mike to view a listing he has already pulled all past permits, hands them to you when you enter the property and then takes the time to show you what you REALLY need to know – way before you might go under contract and pay for an inspector to discover.  He breaks it down to what is an immediate issue with securing a loan all the way down to what you can do to maximize the equity in your home to position yourself to resell it one day!  Even after your purchase is complete the Wingers have a fabulous network of professionals to share with you if you decide you want to make any changes to your new home. Without a doubt you can not ask for a better team to take care of you from the first day to the last!

Krista McCampbell

June 2, 2022

Mike , Sue and I wanted to thank you for the dealings we have had in the selling of our condo on Siesta Key . We were going to meet with two other companies along with you and, coincidently ,we met with you first . After you left our condo Sue and I discussed our meeting and were very impressed with the honesty and trust that we felt we had with you and your company, we cancelled the meeting with the other two companies and hired you and never looked back

You were available to us when we needed you and you answered all of our questions and gave us very good advice through the process of selling our condo ..

We appreciated your service and thank you very much for all you did .

Ray and Sue Ash

May 12, 2022

From: Northrop, Bryan
To: Mike Winger; ‘Ann Winger’
Subject: Thank you

Mike and Ann.  I wanted to thank you for your help with the purchase of House of the Sun #311.  You are a pleasure to work with and I really appreciate your help with finding a lender, insurance agent, inspector, etc. in the area.  It would have been much more difficult for us being remote if it wasn’t for you.

At some point in the future we may look for some other opportunities in Siesta Key or the surrounding area.  We like the convenience of a Condotel like HOS where they take care of the day to day management for us.  We would be interested to get in early on any new condos that are being planned as well, so if you hear of anything that you think would fit the bill please let me know.

Take care.


The Wingers are and were absolutely wonderful. They know the real estate business inside and out! Our journey started in February and just ended with us moving into our new home this past week. They were also phenomenal in selling our home. Mike and Ann are a calming influence and they are prompt in answering questions via text or email. I just can’t say thank you enough. Great people who compliment each other so well and nothing but a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Thank you!

The Barksdales of Land O’ Lakes… John and Suzanne

“Mike Winger has now helped us purchase two homes and sell one. He will always be our go-to real estate specialist. He is highly knowledgeable, has an impeccable attention to detail, and catches mistakes other people miss. He is a pleasure to work with and we recommend choosing him for your real estate needs!”
Mike and Merin Babich

June 21, 2021

The Impossible Dream: Mike and Ann Winger made an impossible dream, possible!

Ann and Mike made things simple and clear for us from the onset. our first meeting, they spent a great amount of time explaining the process to us and helping us clarify our priorities about our future home and setting up the strategies to begin the task of finding our dream home in just three days, amid a worldwide pandemic, with an extremely tight inventory of homes to see and bidding wars on homes going for $20,000 or more over asking price. They walked us through the home purchase process, came to quickly understand the things that were important to us in a home and worked hard to find us the best home, our dream home.  What an impossible dream you say… not for the Winger Team! They truly exceeded our expectations from day one. As a matter of fact, Ann got us into see and Mike escorted us through, two properties within hours of them being listed and we had our bid accepted on our home, six hours after the house was listed and one day before we were returning, by car, to our house up North. Believe it or not, we were literally signing paperwork and texting one another as we were in the car! Their teamwork and knowledge and utilization of technology is outstanding.

Mike and Ann literally walked through the home purchase journey alongside us every single step of the way and are extremely generous with their time. In fact, they handled securing the home inspectors, the Real Estate Attorney and even suggested a home insurance company and kept us informed and copied us on all correspondences with them. They gave us well-informed advice based upon years of experience and training in the real estate field. They gave us peace of mind because they were genuinely “in it for us”. We never had a moment of doubt in our home purchase process and never felt exposed or “unprotected” because we knew we could consult with them. Their negotiation skills and knowledge of the market are beyond measure. The Wingers are punctual and reliable professionals and truly go above and beyond the call of duty. They are patient and kind and always made us feel like we were their first and only priority. They were always available to answer questions, and always made sure that we understood everything about the process even after we closed on our house!

Ann sent us a text as we began our drive back North, after signing the contract, saying “Congratulations on purchasing your new home… so many have left without their dream home this year. You have to be ready willing and able and you were…  They helped us find and purchase our dream home in three days under impossible conditions and for that we will always be grateful.

We would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Ann and Mike Winger to anyone looking for a home in Sarasota County.

John and Margie Palmeri


Dear Mike and Ann,

We appreciated all your help and guidance in selling our home.  We never imagined we’d be able to sell our home at such a premium price plus that we would have multiple offers to choose from (all being within the first day listed).  The photo’s and walkthrough video were just fantastic in showing the features that our home had to offer.

Most importantly you always looked out for our best interest.  You are so trustworthy as a professional and a friend.  Thank you again for your hard work and expertise.  You’re second to none!!

Don and Dolly Gluch


We were very pleased with our realty experience with Ann & Mike Winger.  They answered all of our questions so honestly that we ended up with a contract over the phone, 1200 miles away.  When we finally viewed the house, it was all they described and more.  Mike helped us close our deal smoothly and efficiently.  We would recommend them as a realtor.

Randi Wiesemann


We can’t say enough about the lengths the Winger’s went to make our move a smooth transition. Mike took customer service to a new level. From day one, recommending minor upgrades,  helping us find an excellent packing and moving company, taking care of all the details so we could make our move without any added stress about selling the house. The process was so easy, unlike any time we have sold a house in the past.

Susanne and Julius Orban


Mike and Ann are the best realtor team in Sarasota, period.

Both our parents sadly, had to go into memory care and managing  their home from out of state was quite a challenge. The Winger’s fortunately live in the same neighborhood, so we gave them a key to the house which they made sure was safe while we were not in town. They were very kind with their time and assistance, letting our housekeeper in every several weeks, making sure the trash was taken out and water turned off while we weren’t there.

This went on for almost a year, and finally with several of their referrals, we were able to hire a “move on” company that helped us clear out the house for sale.  Mike and Ann understood our challenges and goals with the sale of the house, helped price it appropriately, and it sold in less than

48 hours with 3 offers, two of which were cash.

The closing couldn’t have been smoother considering both POA’s were in 2 different states from the house and was a bit complicated, but it got done. The time from the house was on the market until it was funded was under a month.  Done! Can’t recommend this dynamic realtor couple any more.

PLUS! They have the MOST AWESOME CAT !!! >^..^<

RM Parreira

San Antonio, Texas


Ann and Mike,
We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us over the years. Since the purchase of our first Florida home in Sarasota and the beginning of a close personal friendship. We know you spent many hours and went above and beyond what you needed to do. We know you do this always for all clients as well! However selling out first property in all of 3 days and finding our new place during the same timeframe was amazing! We are still in our same neighborhood where we wanted to stay . We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Looking forward to many more good times!

Jim & Elaine Burns


The TRUE skills and dedication of a professional shows itself under the most difficult situations.   I can attest to the Winger team being there when you find yourself in the middle of such a storm.  I know this from both being a selling client in the midst of a difficult divorce and most recently as a buyer with a limited budget and big hopes and dreams of finding a new sanctuary to call home.

The storm I refer to is the chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic dealt to the real estate business.  Turns out it was no match for the Winger’s determination, perseverance and creativity.  We began the search well before the shutdown and weathered numerous situations none of us planned for: viewing countless properties with masks and gloves, getting in homes before they even hit the MLS, the rollercoaster of pricing going up as well as down week to week,  rapidly dwindling inventory as each week passed as people decided to take their homes off the market or delay listing them during the difficult financial times ahead.  We stood in line during a storm with a dozen other agents/clients with umbrellas waiting to see a home that went on the market one day and was sold above ask the following morning.  We did this for many months.  No matter what the frustrations presented themselves during our search I knew Mike always had my back and Ann, thankfully was able to put everything into perspective to help see the best path forward no matter what new challenge presented itself at every turn.

Rest assured by the time you meet Mike to view a listing he has already pulled all past permits, hands them to you when you enter the property and then takes the time to show you what you REALLY need to know – way before you might go under contract and pay for an inspector to discover.  He breaks it down to what is an immediate issue with securing a loan all the way down to what you can do to maximize the equity in your home to position yourself to resell it one day!  Even after your purchase is complete the Wingers have a fabulous network of professionals to share with you if you decide you want to make any changes to your new home. Without a doubt you can not ask for a better team to take care of you from the first day to the last!

Krista McCampbell


My wife and I just closed on our first home today thanks to the amazing help of Adam. He was so meticulous and knowledgeable, he made sure we knew the area the history and everything that we needed to know about the homes we were looking at. We were not just another client, he showed us homes that fit all our needs until we finally found the perfect home. We feel over joyed and blessed to have Adam with us in this experience. As new home buyers we had a million questions and Adam was always available no matter the time or day, we could not be more grateful for that. We thought looking for a home was going to be a long stressful experience as we’ve heard from other home buyers but that was far from our experience. Adam made looking for a home easy and fun! Once we found our perfect home Adam fought for us to get the best deal possible! He walked us through every single step so it was never an overwhelming experience. The attention and detail Adam showed us made this one of the best experiences of our lives. We will stay in touch with Adam as he has become a good friend to us now. We recommend using him for your home buying experience, it was such a blessing to have found him for our home buying experience. A thank you will never suffice.
Christopher Joseph

Mike and Ann Winger were excellent realtors to work with in selling our home. Ann helped me stage the furniture and decor I already owned to make the house look amazing.  The pictures and video tour were the best I have seen, and Mike went above and beyond to make sure that the house was always ready for showings while I was away. It sold quickly and the communication was excellent throughout the process.
In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda


Responsiveness is always a plus for me. It shows respect and professionalism. In the nine real estate transactions I had in my life, Mike and Ann were the most responsive realtors I’ve ever worked with. That’s probably a big reason why we sold in one week. Thank you Mike and Ann!

Brett Morris


In a time and a world filled with as much social uncertainty and social anxiety as today, most people might be reluctant to embark upon a journey as meaningful as that of buying a first home. Thanks to Adam, we were not most people. We knew that if there was one person who could guide us through the process of searching for, finding, and purchasing the right home while giving us peace of mind and a piece of his heart, it would be him. And he surely did.

From the very outset, Adam always had our best interests in mind. As first time home buyers, we were not very familiar with the landscape of the home buying market. With the time and care that only he could have given us, Adam patiently and graciously educated us on all the important ins and outs of this process. He showed us several homes and made sure to “keep it real” where it mattered. He didn’t just show us the “bones” of the houses we sought out, he also let us feast on the meat, so to speak. If we appreciated Adam for his friendship before, we love him even more now for what he showed throughout this whole journey—namely, that he doesn’t only know the language of expertise, professionalism, integrity, and practical wisdom, he also understands the language of compassion and disinterested goodwill.

Thank you, Adam. You have a heart of gold. As one of my favorite author, Jumpa Lahiri, puts it, you encouraged us and helped us to “strike our roots into unaccustomed earth” (you know better than anyone else I was spending too many years in that apartment…). We will always be grateful to you for making this little piece of our American Dream come true.

Diego Velasco and Juliette Chero

Dear Mike and Ann,
I want to thank both of you for all of your help throughout this whole process of selling the family condo.  You made it so easy for us, especially as we were selling during the pandemic and doing it from Michigan.  The expertise and guidance you provided to increase the value of the condo and to make it more attractive to the market certainly paid off.  It was amazing how you were able to line up contractors, supervise them, point us to the right furnishings, overseeing delivery, and adding the necessary extras to increase curb appeal.  You did it all in a way that minimized the pressure and expectations on us – you just made it all happen.  The extra mile(s) you went to ensure that every detail was handled – including mailing back a moldy picture to ensure family harmony, was greatly appreciated.  Finally, you were quick to respond to every question and were most gracious in every communication.
You are true professionals in every sense of the word.  If we make it back to Sarasota, we will be sure to look you up for that toast!

Kindest regards,
Jerry Gumbleton



First of all,  The selling of my wife’s parent’s home took place during the Covid 19 pandemic. We were referred to Adam Kwiat. I have to say everything went fantastic with Adam. Very impressed. The sale took place with us out of state but Adam reassured us and walked us through the process during this entire difficult time. He was very professional and reassuring. We could not have asked for a better experience during this time of not only the pandemic but also having recently lost Laural’s father.  He really rose to the occasion, while having a mask on and practicing social distancing. I have to say he also was wearing a cape the entire time. Because in our eyes he’s a superhero, and per Laural,  a handsome superhero. In all seriousness , Adam is an amazing realtor and very helpful and totally on your side. If you’re looking in Sarasota for a realtor he’s the man!!

James Bernoski, RN, BSN, Owner
Amada Senior Care of Greater Lexington”


Adam has just been super responsive to all our needs.He both sold our previous home and also helped us close on our new home. He helped us secure new lending at a great rate.The sale of our home went smoothly but the purchase was another story. There were many back and forths as the seller’s son got into the middle of the transaction and caused some heartaches which Adam handled flawlessly on our behalf.

We would recommend Adam to anybody looking to sell or buy a home.
Mike And Debbie Dyer”


I am a first time home buyer and was fortunate to have Adam guide me through the process.  He was patient with all my questions and thorough in his search for properties that I would potentially be interested in.  It was good to have someone on my side who listened to what I wanted in a house and then made every effort to find a match.  I couldn’t be happier in my new place and if I was to do it all over again Adam is the man I would call.

Thomas Bader


Wow… I know an offer on the first day of listing is not the norm nor is an offer OVER sales price.   However you did it!!   And oh yes I forgot the quick closing.  Your professionalism and expert advice made me one VERY HAPPY seller. I can’t thank you enough for your pre-listing guidance. I know the recommendations you made assured my property was buyer ready.   Painting the interior made the house look brand new and truly paid off in the end.

In my mind you are the hardest working, most knowledgeable realtors ever. You go above and beyond the call of duty.   I am so glad I chose you and will recommend you to everyone!! Truly Appreciative.

Suzanne C. Barksdale

“Adam did a great job helping us sell our house. The sale had to be done with our family already having relocated to New Hampshire and Adam ensured it was as low stress as possible for us, handling all actions items needed and making it a smooth process.  Adam should be your go to realtor for all of your real estate needs. A+”
Ed and Christy Royer

December 26, 2019
Dear Mike and Ann,

It is hard to know where to start.  So, I will begin with the obvious, thank you. Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial obligations you make in life and having someone by your side that has your best interest top of mind is a necessity.  You are the most patient and kind people we know and you go above and beyond to ensure that your client is your top priority.  From the patience you displayed while showing us properties (including a full truck of food and drinks), to negotiating the sale and managing the process to ensure that we were protected at all times.  You own the process and are committed to helping from start to finish.  Actually, even after the end of the transaction you helped me find contractors, maintenance companies and answered more emails that I care to admit.  In this digital age customer care, commitment and good old fashioned service seems to be lost.  Thankfully we had you to be our trusted advisor through this transaction and I can only hope that others are as fortunate as we are.
Thank you again for all you have done for us!

Jennifer Lynch

I can’t say enough good things about Adam Kwiat. He went above and beyond his responsibilities and took it upon himself to make sure every aspect of the sale of the house went smoothly. He was proactive throughout, easy to reach, and I felt completely at ease that he always had our best interests first throughout this process. He was always ahead of the curve foreseeing and addressing possible issues. He took it upon himself to resolve issues and communicate clearly so that I always was in the loop in regards to the sale. In my opinion, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not having Adam on your side.

Albert and Jurama Bitran


Ann & Mike,
A simple Thank You is not adequate to express my sincere gratitude for ALL you did to assure the purchase of my new villa went so smoothly.  You took a nervous potential buyer to a confident and delighted new homeowner.
Your guidance and market knowledge was invaluable.  You listened to my requests and assured the properties you showed me met my criteria.  Your recommendations for mortgage and inspections included a team of experts that made the process extremely easy.   You explained every detail of the purchase and walked with me to assure my understanding and comfort.
Your professionalism, patience and caring is unrivaled.  You are both incredible realtors and a credit to your profession.   And all I have to say is “Let’s list my former my residence”.

With Great Appreciation
Suzanne C. Barksdale


My wife and I had the opportunity to use Adam Kwiat as our realtor in finding our dream home. We had a wonderful experience with Adam. From day one he made us feel very comfortable. He was very knowledgeable of the homes in Manatee and Sarasota county areas, knew the pros and cons of various neighborhoods and most important of all communicated with us throughout the home buying process (which was extremely important to us). We never felt forced to make an offer on a home and when we did find the home, he provided us with all the information that we needed to make our decision. What we enjoyed about working with Adam is that he offloaded a lot of the stress that comes with buying a new home and made us enjoy the home buying experience. Unfortunately, we did deal with a very unprofessional, temperamental and egotistical realtor from the seller’s side, however, Adam did a fantastic job handling that situation. If you are looking for a professional, honest, knowledgeable and hard-working realtor then I would highly recommend Adam Kwiat as your next realtor in finding your dream home. Thanks again Adam for all your hard work and for being such a pleasure to work with.


Belma and Ervin Garibovic

December 4, 2019

“We really appreciate all the work that Adam did for us to find our property, he is not only an outstanding professional as well a great human being, he truly feels what the client is looking for in a place. Can’t say enough about him and all his work and references which helped us close in a very timely manner!”

Mithermay and Hanyele Garcia.

There are no words to describe how thankful we are to have worked with Adam Kwiat on helping us find our very first home! Being first time home buyers we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into and thought long and hard about how stressful the whole process would be. Luckily for us, Adam was there to take care of everything! He truly listened to us and what we were looking for and made the whole process easier than we could have ever imagined! He was timely, respectful, honest and very professional! He worked very close with us and answerd all of our questions and/or concerns! Because of Adams dedication and professionalism, we had the best experience buying our first home at a very timely, stress free manor! We are forever thankful to Adam for his hard work and determination and we’re honored to call him our friend!


Demery and Jennifer Hamil


‘If you want a knowledgeable, friendly, personable and responsible real estate agent, I would certainly recommend Adam Kwiat. Adam recently helped my wife and I sell our home and he made the process at lot less daunting than it could have been. This was the first house that we had sold and so we had a lot of questions and needed considerable guidance through the process, fortunately Adam was always available to lend his expertise and advice. It didn’t matter on the time of day or what else he had going on, we always felt like he was accessible and sympathetic to our needs.

Adam’s knowledge and professionalism really counted when the other agent in the sale was not doing their duty to their client and so Adam picked up the slack and carried the deal over the line. If it were not for his determination, ability to read the situation and motivation to step up, the deal may have fallen through.

Selling a home is certainly a daunting process, but by having a Realtor that we could rely on and trust, it made the process significantly less stressful and enabled us to enjoy and focus on our future home.

Andrew & Traci Carlton”

From: Michelle Burns
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2019 10:12 AM
Subject: Best Realtors in Florida

Dear Ann and Mike:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the extraordinary service we received from you when buying our beautiful condo several years ago on Siesta Key. When we decided we had to sell and say farewell to beautiful Siesta Key, there was no doubt we would enlist your exemplary services again!

Both you and Mike handled the long distance details for us so we didn’t have to travel from New York State.  You treated us like family, which I believe comes from Ann’s Irish ☘️ roots!!!! JK Mike!

As a former perfectionist, I was impressed with your attention to detail, a compliment I don’t give out very often in these chaotic times.  You always responded right away with our many questions and sought out answers when you didn’t know. You have managed to keep superb customer service alive in Sarasota Florida -congratulations!!!!

We look forward to buying you a fancy and expensive dinner when we return to visit our family in your area.

Again, many thanks for being the best realtor team we’ve ever worked with both in New York and Florida.  I’m so lucky/happy we met!  We look forward to seeing you again-hopefully soon as it’s getting chilly here in upstate NY already.

Fondly and Sincerely,

Michelle and Mike Burns


Adam was everything that we wanted and (didn’t know we) needed in selling our home. Even though we were out-of-state, we never felt out of the loop. Adam did a wonderful job communicating with us about everything, from keeping our trees trimmed to signing the very last addendum at closing. He was honest throughout the process, especially when we asked the hard questions. As we close our FL chapter, we’re so thankful for all of Adam’s hard work!

-Thelma & Nick Cote



Hubby tells me this is all wrapped up. Just want to say what a pleasure it has been to work with you. Your attention to detail is a lost skill in this nutty world but you and Ann have managed to keep it alive and well in SK!

I am so happy to know both of you as well as several of your amazing family members (Robby Dunn, etc!).  We hope to see you both on our next trip to Paradise. We both feel gratitude for all you’ve done for us.

Thank you, thank you 🙏

Michelle Burns


Ann and Mike Winger at REMAX Tropical Sands and the RingTheWingwer’s team are a match made in Heaven!

Their professionalism, knowledge of the market and ability to foresee what we were looking for was truly amazing! Their combined expertise walked us through this emotional journey, helping us to avoid many pitfalls! They even gave us realistic ideas on how to sell our home in NY.

They worked tirelessly to send us emails of many different properties that fit our expectations! Even after finding our new condo, they recommended experts that would help us make it our home!

This Winger quote will always stay in our mind, “Look at the property through the eyes of what you love that can’t be changed and If that out weighs what can be changed you know you found the right place!” This is advice any buyer needs to make their decision.

We not only found our dream location but also made lifelong friends!

Linda and John Spina


We had the pleasure of working with Adam when selling our home and buying a new home. He moved very quickly and sold our home within 4 days of it being listed! He also helped us seal the deal on our new home in a great neighborhood. Thanks Adam!

Dianne & Lio Pereira de Souza

We recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Kwiat of RE/MAX Tropical Sands. We were looking to buy a home and we weren’t really sure where we wanted to live or what we wanted in a home. To put it politely, we drove Adam crazy!

Adam showed us numerous homes and was very knowledgeable with the workings of a home, i.e. air conditioning, roof, etc. If he didn’t know the answer to our questions, he always found us the answer. After finding a home, we hit a few bumps in the road. Adam was able to secure a deal that everyone was happy with.

Adam is easy to get along with and has a great sense of humor. He was always on time for appointments and always kept his word. We would recommend Adam to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Joanne and Bill Mullanaphy

From: Britnee Martin
Date: Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 5:33 PM

My fiancé and I were really happy with the experience we had with Adam and the awesome team he works with. As first time home buyers we were nervous about how the process works. Adam and the team were all extremely positive and answered every little question we had. He was always available, even after hours. The amount of time Adam spent with us going over all the details was above and beyond anything we could have expected. We highly recommend Adam and the people he works with, we couldn’t have done it without him.


Mike and Ann- We are so thrilled my house sold very quickly!! Moving after 14 years and without my husband has been extremely  traumatizing for me.  Thank you for making my new life changing experience less painful.  Your patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated by my entire family.  Best wishes for continued success—after all, this is the fourth successful transaction you have helped us complete through many years. THANKS- Gloria Schmertmann


Dear Ann & Mike:

When our mother, Gloria, made the difficult decision to downsize from her home in Venice five years after our father passed away, we knew where to turn for help.  Since 2005, you have assisted us with both buying and selling multiple other homes.  We were confident once again in relying on your expertise.  And once again, you delivered!With beautiful photos & creative, descriptive writing for the listing, we were very happy that our Mom’s home in Venice sold in less than two days for over 95% of the asking price!  The closing 30 days later was one of the smoothest I’ve ever attended.

Thanks again for your guidance, professionalism & friendship!

Best regards,
Greg Schmertmann
North Port, FL


(This note was originally sent to Adam in Portuguese and we include both the English and the Portuguese as the buyers want folks back home to see it too!)

Adam we just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. My wife and I and my children are so happy with the new house. You found exactly what we asked for and my children are loving their new school. We really enjoy the back yard and are looking forward to staging our first barbecue. Thank you again and I have already passed your phone number to two friends of mine!

Wellington Pereira and family.

Adam queria te agradecer mais vez pelo seu trabalho eu minha esposa eu meus filhos estamos muitos feliz com a casa do jeito que nós pedimos você conseguiu as criança estão amando a escola . e eu já estou aproveitando o quintal para fase um churrasco . muito obrigado mais uma vez . e já passei seu telefone pra dois amigos meu !!!


Dear Mike and Ann:   Thanks for all your efforts in regard to the recent sale of my home which only took a week to sell.    All went off without a hitch.  Your patience and attention to detail did not go unnoticed.  I certainly would recommend you and Ann to anyone wishing to sell their home.  Again, thanks for everything!


Pauline Gasek


Adam Kwiat was extremely helpful and personable. He was very prompt in his responses to my many questions. Adam took us through several homes and knew exactly what we were looking for. In the end he helped us find our dream home.
Melissa & Adam Norgrove

Note: these next two references are from the Seller and Buyer of the same home! Ann and Mike listed the home and Adam sold it. And all parties are very happy – that’s win-win!


Hi Mike,

Thank you for all of your help. We appreciate your time, expertise and advice. If we decide to come back and buy you will certainly be our realtor of choice!

Glad to write a reference for you:

“Our selling experience with Mike and Ann Winger was fast and profitable. They did a great job handling everything with us especially being from out of state. We would highly recommend them!”

Kind regards,

Tim and Cindy Lynch


I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Adam Kwiat. I had been looking for rental property for years now but had since given up hope because of my past experience with other real estate agents. Every time when I met with Adam to view potential properties he always came prepared and always had my best interest at heart. He would tell me what to look for in a rental property and how to eliminate some “bad” ones! He is always very approachable, honest, easy to talk to, extremely helpful very step of the way and knowledgeable about the area which would make a great location for rental property.  He arranged everything for me after the sale went pending eg inspection, exterminator, and even found an insurance agent who was able to come up with a decent quote for the property. He negotiated with the seller on some major issues that needed to be fixed before the sale was finalized and make sure they were done properly.  He also introduced his trusted handy man to me to do some minor repairs on the property. The whole process was so much less stressful than my previous encounters with other real estate agents. I would definitely recommend Adam to anyone and would use him again for future purchases!

Sook Ling (Lesley) Yee

I had a great experience buying a house with Adam. First the great attention he gave looking for the right one. Once we did, he negotiated for the seller to pay for a brand new roof! Before closing the government shutdown happened. Adam was able to obtain extensions from the seller on multiple occasions to keep the deal alive. Finally after much delay, waiting on the IRS, we closed on our very first home. If you’re looking to buy or sell anywhere on the Suncoast, be sure to call Adam Kwiat.

Sergio & Suzanna Araujo

And Adam wanted to put Sergio’s original reference in Portugese here as well!

Eu tive uma experiência ncia muitooo boa comprando minha casa com o Adam ele teve muita atenção no processo todo nos acharmos a casa certa e depois ele conseguiu com que o dono trocasse o telhado da casa e aí depois o governo fechou e tivemos que esperar muito ,muita ansiedade ,muita luta e enfim conseguimos comprar nossa primeira casa . Se vcs estiverem procurando comprar uma casa não esqueça de entrar em contato com ring the wingers e procure por Adam Kwiat


Mike  was a textbook realtor.  He wisely guided us on suggestions to upgrade our property before listing it.  He kept us posted on every step of the process. Wonderful app to notify us of each realtors showing and their responses.  They went above and beyond to show the property and kept us encouraged. We were the first of six properties in our neighborhood to sell!   We will recommend Ann & Mike to all our friends and family!

Brenda and Bill Fleeman


Working with Adam was a great experience given his knowledge about the real estate market and thorough advice for a first time buyer. He was 100% committed throughout the entire process and was very detail oriented regarding pricing, financing, insurance and legal matters. He truly understood my needs and found the perfect deal, a great house in an amazing location for a fair price.

I would highly recommend Adam if you’re wanting to purchase a property on the Suncoast.

Felipe Castro-Anzola


Courtney and I would like to say a huge thank you to our realtor, Adam. With a wedding on the way Courtney and I did not know if we had a time, money, patience or motivation to find our first house. Adam was patient and supportive. He didn’t push us down a path, he guided us and let us make our own Journey. He explained every thing every step of the way so our questions were always answered – and he was always available morning and night. We really don’t think that we would be in our house now if it wasn’t for him. Courtney and I are extremely grateful for Adam’s knowledge and help, and know that we will love our house for years to come.

Thank you.

Hadley Winthrop


Ed and I were referred to The Wingers by a Fort Myers Realtor. We had decided to relocate from Delaware to Florida and wanted to look at homes in the Venice-Sarasota area. Several emails later, we made the trip to Florida to “look” at homes. We agreed to meet Ann and Mike at their office on Tuesday, February 27th. We met, discussed area, price range, what was important to us in a home and lastly decided to meet on Friday to look at properties. We looked at 5 homes with Mike that Friday as Ann was not feeling well. We found a house we really liked only to learn it was under contract. I must have looked very disappointed because Ann, in spite of not feeling well, found two more homes and suggested we look at them Saturday morning, time permitting. We were flying to Delaware Saturday afternoon so we asked Mike if we could see the house that interested us later on Friday. In a matter of hours, Mike and Ann took us to Laurel Lakes. As soon as we saw the house, we fell in love with it and asked Mike and Ann to make an offer (So much for looking!!). We got the house; the Wingers negotiated well as the appraisal came in $5000 more than the purchase price. Equity!!
Mike and Ann were wonderful referring us to a mortgage lender, insurance agent and attorney. They handled all inspections and got us names and telephone numbers for all utilities. They got the names of the lawn, pest and pool maintenance companies currently under contract and included their recommendation on each one. Most important, they kept us informed of each phase of the purchase process. We settled 30 days later. Again Mike and Ann were there acting on our behalf and watching over our home until we permanently relocated in mid July. They even gave us housewarming gifts and recommended medical doctors!! I have never worked with any realtor that equaled the thoughtfulness and knowledge Mike and Ann shared with us. They truly welcomed us to Florida. They were wonderful and we would not hesitate to recommend them. Out of 10 stars, I give them 11!! Our relocation was made easy by Mike and Ann Winger.

Gail & Ed Lewis


Working with Adam exceeded any of my expectations. Right away Adam was incredibly friendly and took time to understand what my husband and I wanted in a home. Adam gave us excellent guidance, unflagging availability, and deep knowledge about a really wide range of homes that we looked at.
Adam did the research and provided us with great options. If we were to own another property, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Adam again or give him anything but the highest recommendation

-Janice & Mac Griffin


We closed on our beautiful beach condo on Anna Maria Island last Friday, 6/15/18. The Winger’s found us the perfect vacation property, despite our limitation that it had to be pet friendly for our four legged family member. Starting from our initial conversations about the type of home we were looking for, Mike and Ann provided information on potential locations and also warned us about those properties that looked fabulous, but had potential problems.

The Wingers not only found us a wonderful property but was also able to negotiate a great price; about 85K less than we expected to pay. Since we are in NY, Mike and Ann acted in our absence; they set up the inspection, recommended some minor repairs, (which they had executed) and attended the walk through and closing. We felt 100% confident that everything would be taken care of and it was!

We highly recommend Mike & Ann for their knowledge, dedication, honesty and fun personalities!
We are happy to talk to anyone about our positive experience.
Len & Kathleen Kalmer

My realtor Adam Kwiat not only met, but exceeded every expectation I had. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and strong work ethic is what led me to find the perfect house for me (for a great price within my budget.) I was relocating to Sarasota and had limited availability to coordinate days to meet with him to look at properties because of my very difficult work schedule. On short notice he would be able to coordinate full days of showings with me for the 2-3 months we had before finding my home. I really felt like I mattered to Adam as a client and that he cared genuinely about my needs. I will not only refer friends to Adam in the future, but have already referred my parents to him (who may be interested in moving to Sarasota in the next year or so.)

Warm Regards,

Brandy Mayhew

Dear Ann and Mike:
Who would have thought…from a chance meeting in March to a Successful home purchase in June….
The two of you make a great work team. It was easy for us to build trust between us from that chance 20 minute meeting at “A Place to Be” in Nokomis Fl. You have been great to work with always kept us informed, provided top notch communication.
You both have gone above and beyond and we so greatly appreciate all that you have done and continue to do! Thank You!
We look forward to a fun future and friendship with you both.
Gail and Steve Turner


We have used Mike and Ann Winger two years in a row to purchase two homes. Their attention to detail and wealth of knowledge of the area/school zones/neighborhoods are unsurpassed. Furthermore, Mike can walk into a house and immediately spot faults that the untrained eye would otherwise not see (which would cost us thousands if we wound up purchasing and then discovering the issues later). On top of the wealth of knowledge that comes with their services, Mike always kept things fun and entertaining to make long days of house hunting enjoyable. If you’re looking for an agent to buy or sell your next home, look no further; Mike and Ann will get the job done quickly and accurately, and will leave you feeling secure and confident with your decisions.

-Mike and Merin Babich


Adam served as our much needed guide in the house hunting process. We came
into this with no experience being first time homebuyers. Adam was great at
reminding us of what we needed for right now as well as the future
throughout this process. We were impressed with his dedication to his
clients as well as his own career. This process for us was bumpy and
frightful at points. Adam made himself available at all times for us and to
emotionally support us as well. He was recomended to us from my father and
we have already recommended him to others. We don’t believe we would be in
our home today if it were not for his devotion to our needs. His efforts
become personal and it feels as if we have made a friend through the
process. We are amazed as to how quickly we made it through the process

Seth and Cynthia Reed


“Adam has my vote! He did ALL the legwork while I waited 2000 miles away. Five star performance!”

Garry Barbeau

Hi Mike

I wanted to reach out and thank you again for all the help that you and the team provided (at the same time as the hurricane !!) in finding a new unit on Siesta Key and then rapidly selling our existing so we would be able to close the deal. Your professionalism coupled with your personality made it easy to work with you to get the deal over the finish line.

Your knowledge of the market and the specifics of the various properties was invaluable and saved us time, effort and of course money. We could not be happier with the new unit and look forward to many great sunsets on the key.

Our thanks always

Mark and Pat Pflug


Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for all your help in this endeavor….I am very excited and up to the challenge!

I wanted to let you and Mike both know how much I have appreciated your help, your patience and your candor. I cannot thank you both enough! I will definetly reccommend the Wingers to all my friends, family and aquaintenances. It has been a most pleasant and fruitful experience!!

Thanks again,
Marita Bobick


We wanted to thank Adam for his assistance over the past year in finding the perfect second home for us on Siesta Key. From the start, Adam was amazing to work with. Always friendly and extremely knowledgeable of the market. As we were from out of town, he kept us informed of new listings as well as potential new listings. Adam listened to our “wants” and found the condominium complex that was the perfect fit for us.

Adam served as our “legs on the ground” and viewed several condos on our behalf, took photos, and offered recommendations. He went out of his way on several occasions for us, and for that, we are grateful! (Including helping us make an offer while on vacation visiting Machu Picchu!) After our offer was accepted, Adam walked us through the next steps. His knowledge was critical for us given the fact we were out of town for the closing. Honestly, he made the process so easy for us!!

Adam is probably the nicest and most honest realtor we have ever dealt with. We look forward to seeing him on Siesta Key next time we are down.

All the Best,
Diane and Greg Macgillis


I would highly recommend Ann & Mike Winger and ReMax/Tropical Sands to anyone looking for a realtor in the Sarasota/Siesta Key area. Mike was referred to me by a retired realtor that I used for a previous purchase. Mike was extremely attentive and professional, handling both the sale of my property and purchase of another one, as well as managing the sale of the the property that was being sold in order to purchase mine. He definitely had a lot on his plate with all the various complications that arose. In the end, everything went off without a hitch (or at least nothing he wasn’t able to work out) and the ending was happy. We could not have been more pleased. I also have to mention that Mike accomplished tasks that were way beyond the scope of a realtor’s job description and was very responsive to all my random requests!

Mary Annette Johnson


All fellow Realtors and future home-buyers should take notice. Adam Kwiat has the personality, work ethic and desire to help people, which he brought to us enabling us to find our dream condo in Bradenton, FL . We lived out of the United States at the time and challenged him to find us our wish. He worked endlessly to help us. This energy shown by him enabled us to find our home without any glitches or problems. He is a true professional and we cannot thank him enough. Anyone looking to re-locate, buy a first home, or search the market should contact Adam. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Adam.
Antonio & Maria Bologna
Bradenton, FL


As a buyer, I was referred to Adam by my finance company.I was looking for a home with very specific conditions that proved to be “challenging” to say the least. We spent months looking at homes, it was tiring and at times very frustrating.
Adam never let me quit though. He talked me out of conceding to an inferior home and encouraged me to continue and be patient.
When we did find the home I liked, it had some issues. With Adam’s knowledge and unstoppable attitude, he pushed the right buttons and made it happen. He went far beyond what other realtors may have and it proved beneficial for everyone involved. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. One day I will sell my home and on that day, I honestly hope that Adam is still in the game.

George Eberl


We highly recommend The Wingers to anyone in need of a real estate agent. They were very easy to work with and made the whole process enjoyable. We appreciate the preparation they did before our initial meeting, their honest feedback, and good advice on how to prepare our home in order for it to sell quickly and at the right price. They made sure we knew what to expect and what was expected of us every step of the way and everything went smoothly – even with a hurricane right in the middle of a very short closing period!

Of course, it all comes down to the results. We had two offers on the day after it listed and got more than our asking price. We’ll work with Ann and Mike again in a heartbeat.

Steve & Karen Hotchkiss


Our family was fortunate to have Adam Kwiat acting as our buyers’ agent during the recent purchase of our new home. Throughout the almost year-long search for our home, Adam was patient and helpful, offering his expertise at every stage of the process. We really appreciated his no-pressure approach which allowed us to take our time and select the perfect house for our family. We would highly recommend Adam Kwiat to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.

-Ricardo, Amanda, and Landon Zarate


It was such a pleasure to work with Adam Kwiat in our pursuit of our FL home while we were 1200 miles away in MA. From day one he was responsive with matching us to homes that fit our criteria. With just a few days to see homes, he chauffeured us around providing water and snacks. We were lucky to have found the home we purchased and we would recommend him and his agency! Adam really went above and beyond his job description, from setting us contacts for financing and insurance to the pool and lawn care professionals. Even after the sale he has continued to be our contact while we are transitioning from New England to FL. Cheers!!!!! Paul and I can’t wait to get HOME in Sarasota Florida!!!!!

Paul and Nancy Robie


In forty years of buying and selling homes, I have never been happier with a real estate team. Ann can make the MLS serve you a daily breakfast of excellent, well chosen, properties and Mike has the patience of a saint plus the perfect balance of intelligence, expertise, caring, creativity and tough love to keep the negotiation and transaction process speeding to a successful closing. They provide an expert knowledge of local inspectors, contractors, and closing agents to deal with the important details. I found a wonderful home, an excellent real estate team and friends for life. How great is that!

Dave Finley

We received this today as a reference from Jill and Larry Franks who sold
their beautiful home in Sonoma off University Parkway in June 2017. Our
first and likely only “letter of reference” wrote completely in verse! They
were a blast to work with and hopefully friends for life:

The Wingers are different, the truth matters to them,
Sign them up quick, they are a true west coast gem…
If you want to list your home in this beautiful state,
the Wingers are your choice…you won’t close late
Tio the Bulldog signs the deal with his paw..
Next thing you know, you’re with an attorney at law..
If you want to know how to sell your Florida home,
Don’t second guess, just get them on the phone..
They live, breathe and eat real estate..
Just open your hearts, and realize it’s your fate..
They take care of everything and go the extra mile,
To dress your home to sell, they’ve certainly got the style..
We are from the U.K. so long distance was hard,
But the Wingers delivered, that’s their ace card..
It’s really quite easy, no stress, no hidden stingers….
don’t hesitate any more, just “Ring the Wingers..”

Larry and Jill Franks 6/28/2017

To whom it may concern,
Working with Adam to purchase my first house was such a great experience. I constantly bombarded him with questions throughout the entire process: via text, email, and phone calls and he always immediately and professionally answered me no matter what day or time, even weekends and late in the evening. Adam was knowledgeable about all of the areas we looked at and I felt like he always researched every house before we arrived. He could answer my questions immediately when looking at the houses like he lived there himself. I was on a timeline to find a house, and he made me feel like I was his only client, helping me search everyday, although I know he had others he was working with at the same time. We went and looked at over 15 houses that he found for me, and he sent me several more via email to look at online. When Adam found my dream-house for me, he was great at negotiating with the sellers to a price that I could afford. He helped with setting up the inspection, getting the sellers to fix even more than was needed for purchase, and even helped me find home owners insurance. Adam went above and beyond what was expected. He found and closed on the house in less than two months for me, which I never dreamed was possible. He has followed up several times since the closing process to check in and see how moving was going for myself and my family. I love my new home and couldn’t of been happier working with Adam, he is personable and very easy to talk to-I had no issues conveying exactly what I was looking for in a home, and when I decide to move, he will be my first call. I consider Adam a lifelong friend now, and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a house! Adam Kwiat is a great realtor to work with. He listened to what I wanted to look for and always answered any questions I had right away. I’m extremely happy with the home I purchased. I highly recommend Adam and I look forward to working with him again.
Erika Woods and Derek Woods- May 15, 2017

Cindy Campbell and Steve Hickner 5/30/2017
“Ring the Wingers” is definitely truth in advertising. Ann and Mike were recommended to us by a long-time resident of Sarasota and the choice to use them as our realtors was the first—and pivotal—step in my wife and I discovering and owning our beach dream home!

First off, a little background. We are from Los Angeles, so we knew nothing of the Sarasota real estate market or really what we should be keeping an eye out for when searching for a great, well-built home in the area. The great service from the Wingers started before we even got off the plane in Florida. Because we had limited time to search for a house and weren’t from the area, Ann and Mike put together a terrific list of houses for us to look at while we were back in Los Angeles. From the preliminary list, we refined our search to a few specific houses and then that is where the service really took off. They were absolutely fantastic at pointing out the things we should be looking for—and equally important—the things we should be avoiding in a house that is close to the beach.

My father was an engineer and built and remodeled four houses and going around the house with Mike was like still having my father’s trusted eye pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each house. Meanwhile, Ann has a terrific design eye and she can see the potential for a house—looking beyond the simple cosmetic differences of taste between and owner and seller. She made sure we didn’t discount a house just because of simple, easily rectified issues.

In short, my wife looked at houses for three days—and we ended up buying the second house we looked at. We didn’t compromise in buying the second house because we didn’t have choices, but because the Wingers helped focus our search to just the houses that they thought would be perfect for us. And the second house was the one. (As a final note, the second house we saw and bought was actually the first one that the Wingers wanted to show us, but the sellers weren’t available at that time. So, really our home shopping could have been “One and Done” as they say).

Do yourself a big favor and “Ring the Wingers.”

To whom it may concern,
If you’re looking for a great realtor, Adam is your guy. He was recommended to me, and I’m glad to have met him and worked with him. He worked with my busy schedule and was able to schedule showings for houses when I was available. He is very hard working and professional, and answered questions knowledgeably and immediately. Adam found a house that is exactly what I was hoping for, a home for my family. He found and closed on my house in record time, and I highly recommend him if buying or selling a house.
Josh Prunier-May 20, 2017

Here’s another for Adam Kwiat and from a pretty savvy real estate customer – service that impressed him for sure:
Not long ago I was need need of a property in Florida, and connected with Adam as a result of his online marketing. I’ve been in the real estate business in Pennsylvania for more than 20 years, and in business for quite a bit longer. I feel fortunate to have met Adam. He’s intelligent, personable, aggressive, and has amazing follow-through. I look forward to working with Adam for many years ahead, and highly recommend him as a Realtor.

Jeff Hoffman

Partner, Hoffman Realty Group, LLC
Former Principal, The Jetzon Tire & Rubber Co., Inc.
Former Principal, Laramie Tire Distributors, Inc.
Former President, Hoffman International Corporation

When trying to decide on a realtor to sell our home, we really didn’t have to think about it. The reason is because when we purchased our home, Mike Winger was the realtor for the seller. He impressed us very much. He was knowledgeable and really works for who he is representing. After listing our house with the Wingers, Mike held an open house the following Sunday and the next Sunday as well. Mike and Ann had suggested a couple of things to make it sell quickly. I didn’t like the idea of new carpet, but after changing it (and our home selling quickly), we knew they were right. After inspection we asked Mike to schedule people he knows to do the repairs. They were complete in record time for a fantastic price. Mike gave our home the attention we wanted without being intrusive. He exceeded our expectations and we will recommend the Wingers to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.
~ John Letourneau and Tillie Patterson


And to show you that the entire team is devoted to that same “Customer for Life” approach to real estate service the following review is for our team mate Adam Kwiat from a recent closing. We’re proud to have him on our team:

From: Brittany Aylott
Date: Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 4:48 PM
Subject: Review
To: Adam Kwiat

Adam was a delight to work with. What we were looking for changed partway through the shopping process, a couple of times even. Adam was incredibly helpful, patient, and happy despite us being tough customers to deal with. He tirelessly looked for a home that was just right for our needs. He’d send me emails with a few options of what he thought might be right for us, he was better at figuring out what we wanted/needed than any agent we’ve worked with in the past and always had good suggestions and advice. He wasn’t pushy or annoying, he listened and paid attention and was always in good spirits. He answered all of my texts and/or emails almost immediately. He answered every question we had and took care of our every need. He is fun and easygoing and a true delight to work with. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy a home in the Sarasota area.

😀 Brittany

And ANOTHER one for Adam!
From: Mryia Cadle
Date: Sun, Mar 12, 2017
Subject: Review
To: Adam Kwiat

As a first time home buyer I approached the market with some natural hesitation. We were in a uniquely challenging situation, and didn’t know where to begin. When my fiancé and I first contacted Adam he listened to our concerns and needs and got us pointed in the right direction. He genuinely cares about his clients and works tirelessly to find what we’re looking for. Within no time he had many homes for us to look over, and set up several trips for us to view them. He showed us exactly what to look for in a home, and made us feel that he was really dedicated to finding us a quality home we could live in for many years. Adam was very reassuring and positive through our whole experience, it was like having a friend who also was helping your find your home. Adam was honest with us about what we could expect, and patient, answering every question we had, and many more. He was endlessly available and always sought to make us feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the commitment we made. He has made our first home buying experience amazing, easy and positive. I would happily recommend Adam to anyone!


For various reasons over the years, we have had many experiences with real estate agents, both selling and purchasing homes. It was our pleasure and good fortune to be introduced to both Ann and Mike Winger this past winter when we decided it was time to move to Florida. After talking with Ann, and looking at a few homes, we finished our winter in Florida and headed back to Vermont. Ann kept us posted with listings and checked in frequently to see how we were doing with selling our home. Finally our home was under contract and we came back to Florida to search for our new residence. Ann was right on top of things and frankly, we bought the third home she showed us. She knew exactly what we wanted and researched the market and made sure we were in the area with the amenities we also desired. It didn’t end there. Ann and Mike had our back from day one. They helped us through the building of our home, and were our eyes while we were still up north. They found mistakes that were made in the building of the home and called us right away. They have wonderful resources and directed us to great people for mortgages and insurance. AND most importantly, they both walked us through from the beginning to the end with finalizing the sale. This is not just a business for them. They are truly dedicated to their commitment to both buyers and sellers to make sure every step is taken with precise trustability on their part.
I would never hesitate to use their services again. AND I would strongly recommend them for whatever your needs might be. Without their support, direction and help along the way, I doubt very much we would be in our home today. We thank you for all you have done for us!
Guy and Jan Egri


Dear Mike and Ann,
Erika and I want to thank you very much for all the hard work — and patience, you put into selling our house — the house we lived in for sixteen years and loved so much.

We knew the ideal selling season had already passed, yet you indicated that the house was a “gem” and would sell reasonably fast. As it turned out it took several months, during which you worked tirelessly. Your experience in this business was clear to us from the beginning and we are grateful for all the energy you put in — even despite the occasional impatient comment from us. Your effort gave us great relief and deserves an extra “thank you” to you both.

We are grateful for all your work and wish both of you continued success.

Tom and Erika Thiringer

Karl and Susan Kling
Former residents of the Southfield Neighborhood
Sarasota, Florida

We are very thankful for the outstanding service that Mike and Ann Winger provided us as our realtors. The Wingers gave us remarkable assistance in a wide range of areas that allowed us to sell our home quickly and for an excellent price. From the moment we first met them to the successful closing of the sale they provided professional and effective guidance for each step of the process.

We lived in the home for 13 years and knew that we needed to do extensive updating to get the price that we wanted. Mike and Ann were very knowledgeable in helping us to make the updates that would allow us to get a maximum return on our investment. They knew a large network of vendors and workers who did excellent work for us In a timely manner. The Wingers gave personal attention to each step of the process and served as our advocates for a quality updating and marketing experience. The Wingers written descriptions and professional photography of our home helped distinguish our property from the many other homes that were on the market.

New employment in another state required us to move quickly. We vacated our home before the updating was finished and Mike and Ann said they would ensure that the work was completed satisfactorily. They coordinated the workers, kept us updated about the progress, and saw that quality work was done.

The Wingers consistently went “above and beyond” the call of duty and exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process. While the home was on the market and we were living in another state, they handled many details and looked after the property like it was their own. Their personal attention to details gave us great peace of mind.

Here is the bottom line about our experience with Mike and Ann as our realtors:
the Wingers did exactly what they said they would do and it made all the difference to us in the sale of our property.

Karl and Susan Kling

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Wingers made purchasing a second home in Sarasota very easy fun and smooth!

While vacationing on Siesta Key, I walked in to the Remax office and told Mike our criteria. He listened carefully and told me his (lovely) wife Ann was “the Queen of MLS” and would be getting back to me. Within hours, Ann sent me various listings to view…within a day we had properties narrowed down, and set up an appointment.

I spent a day with Ann and felt like I had known her all my life. She is very warm, friendly,professional,and ever so knowledgeable about Sarasota and the surrounding areas. The day spent with Ann and her associate Adam was delightful.

I found a perfect villa, but unfortunately my husband was not as thrilled. At this point we were out of vacation time, and heading back to Boston. I was returning to Sarasota the next month, so we agreed to revisit our search.

The next four weeks (in dreary New England) was an exciting time. Ann sent listings daily as they came on the market. We re evaluated our price range, and decided on a house; narrowed it down to seven for me to look at during my next visit.

Talk about doing your homework! She nailed it, and we found the perfect home.

Mike’s attention to detail is impeccable: he represented us in the inspection and the closing…patiently answering all of our questions in a most timely manner. My husband was most impressed!

We had been reluctant to purchase a home in the spring knowing it would be vacant until the following winter. Ann, Mike and Adam have bent over backwards to assure us and accommodate us to alleviate any concerns.

Working with the entire Winger team was truly a wonderful experience!

Polly Allyn

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mike and Ann!

We can’t thank you enough for making our “home search” in the Venice area so pleasurable. You worked tirelessly with us as we changed our minds on type of home, neighborhoods, amenities needed, etc.

While we came up with our own parameters for the initial search, you both listened to our comments as we viewed properties and offered some ideas of your own.

Ann, your search through hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of multiple listings did not go unnoticed. It was one of those listings you suggested that ultimately was the one!

Mike Winger, you are as asset when touring these houses. You crawl into attics, check out the HVAC units and your knowledge of the overall infrastructure of these homes is amazing. You also share your own knowledge as a FL resident to those of us from the chilly Northeast!

Ann and Mike, we appreciate your time and efforts. Your guidance helped us get to a very successful ending. We love our new “Florida” home!

We look forward to seeing you in the Venice/Sarasota area, especially on the water!

“Ring the Wingers” for all your real estate needs!

Mike and Barb Behan
Guilderland, NY

Thursday, February 11, 2016

To All House-Hunters:

Working with the Wingers was such a pleasure that I was almost sorry when my property search was successfully completed and the process was over.

Over several months and dozens of houses Mike and Ann worked with me tirelessly and efficiently. When problems arose (as they did with more than one seller and agent) they faced them and brought them to conclusions in my best interests.

They exceeded every expectation from beginning to closing and beyond, helping with sound advice on insurance, utilities, inspections, tradespeople, local zoning, land use, surveys, etc.

This was especially appreciated since I was over 1200 miles away for final walk-through and closing. My trust in Ann and Mike was complete, and remains so. I have been impressed with the quality and integrity of anybody they have recommended to me, and without hesitation recommend this team to any and all.


Andrew B. Florence

From: Darienne Oaks
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016

“First they took us for a boat ride. Asked what we were looking for in a home. Two days later we went on a well choreographed tour of possible properties laid out by Ann. Mike accompanied us and crawled up into attics, stuck his nose in the fuse boxes, inspected windows, examined structures- told us about everything in the house inch by inch, As we looked more deeply into each property he regaled us with hilarious personal stories. Never had so much fun looking at such well curated properties. We found a home we love in a very short period of time, followed by a smooth, efficient closing.

Don’t walk to your phone, run. Ring the Wingers.”

Darienne and Doug Oaks

From: Donna and Hal Schafer
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2016

You did a great job for us!

Mike and Ann Winger are the epitome of real estate agents. They made home buying easy for us in every way. From the initial phone conversation with Ann all the way to the closing and beyond they were with us every step of the process. They listened to our needs and found many homes to choose from that would fill those needs. Mike’s knowledge of building construction and regulations and their combined knowledge of the market and sales trends helped us determine where we wanted to live and whether the house would be someplace we would want to call home. There was never a feeling of being “sold” to, it was just finding the right fit for us. They also know a great deal about the cultural events that take place in the area and gave us ideas of things we might want to see or do.

Since we lived out of state they handled all the details and Mike was present for the home inspection and termite inspection. He also handled the repair negotiations and the walk through which took the burden off of us.

Because of their care and knowledge we found the right neighborhood and love the house we chose.


Dear Mike and Ann:

Now that I’m finally settled in I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude on making our transition into a new home as smooth as possible. I am still impressed how the first time I met you both and we discussed what I was looking for in a new home you successfully found it for us. Your familiarity with the area and the schools was tremendously helpful. You both really went above and beyond sending Emails of new listings and school info keeping us motivated while we sat under 100 feet of snow in Boston. Having everything put in place for a closing we were not able to attend was as stress free as you promised. Thank-you both again for helping us find the home of our dreams in Florida.

The Rau Family

Ann and Mike were recommended to us by some friends who recently bought a house in Sarasota and we are so glad we had them to help us with this buying experience. They are so knowledgeable of the area and were able to guide us into the right house for us. We were worried that handling a purchase like this long distance would be a problem, but Mike and Ann handled all of the large and small details, staying on top of it all and keeping us in the loop when necessary. They are truly committed to making sure their clients are happy and worked tirelessly on our behalf.
Thank you so much for your help,
Jim and Sandy Butterworth


Mike & Ann,

Carolyn and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with your dedication and professionalism in helping us to locate and close on our new Sarasota property. In my business as a licensed home inspector on Martha’s Vineyard, I have worked with real estate brokers on a daily basis for over 20 years and rarely have I encountered a team that goes to the lengths that you do to help a buyer (we have also personally bought/sold over 20 properties in the past 35 years). Your helpfulness in all aspects of this transaction were above and beyond anything we have experienced in the past! We will certainly use you as our agents on any future transactions and would be more than happy to recommend you anyone.

Thank you for all your help, Paul and Carolyn Daniele


Mike & Ann Winger are an absolutely awesome team! Immediately, after meeting them, I knew I wanted them to list my villa.

They both know their business, inside and out, answered all my questions, and explained everything thoroughly. Mike always responded to my emails and phone calls right away, and not once left me hanging. They referred me to a very dependable & efficient handyman, Dave Runion, to make all the necessary repairs on my home, therefore eliminating the need for me having to find someone.

Mike & Ann are worthy of all the praises they received. They, undoubtedly, made my experience with them pleasant and painless.

I am extremely grateful for everything they did and wouldn’t hesitate recommending the Wingers.

Mike & Ann, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did!

All the best to you,
Gayle Mattina


We recently purchased a second home in Venice and Ann and Mike were truly amazing during the entire process. Ann began sending us homes to look at in March after our visit to the area. She was always helpful with our many questions and sent additional information about the area. Mike and Ann scheduled many properties for us to look at when we came down. They spent the weekend showing us villas and were able to guide us, see flaws we hadn’t seen and provide information we needed to make a decision. Fortunately, Ann added one that wasn’t originally on our list as it was new on the market. It was perfect. They helped us during the whole process- setting up inspections, working with our lender, providing information about insurance, getting repairs completed by seller and finally doing the final walk through. The entire experience was wonderful and we were truly fortunate to have had the pleasure to work with a team with the knowledge and dedication needed in finding us the perfect home.

Joan and Bill McMullen Delanson, NY


We worked with Ann and Mike to find a second home in Sarasota. From our very first contact Ann and Mike worked tirelessly to find us a property to meet our needs. Less than two months later they found us our dream condo  and secured a very good deal for us. They made the buying process very easy for us,walking us through every little detail. Ann and Mike were always available to answer any of our questions. We are extremely happy with all their hard work and would highly recommend this dynamic duo.
Noshir Sandy Deboo


Ann and Mike went above and beyond to help us sell our Southfield home. From advising on fixes and enhancements prior to placing it on the market to sending us a few items we forgot during our move, they thought of, and helped out with, everything. Not only did they work hard to ensure a successful transaction, they did it with kindness, good humor and practical know how. We whole-heartedly recommend The Wingers to anyone buying or selling a Sarasota home.

Kerry Shaw and Ryan Noble

February 5, 2015

We had the best possible experience buying a home in Sarasota, thanks to the efforts of Ann and Mike Winger! We live in New York state, and throughout the fall of 2014, Ann e-mailed me new listings for condos that we might be interested in,and answered all of my questions about the Sarasota real estate market.  I gave her the dates that my husband and I would be coming to Sarasota, and Ann had appointments all set up for us to view the properties that fit our criteria.  Mike and Ann spent the entire week showing us these homes, and offering their expert opinions and advice.  The most amazing part of the experience happened between making an offer on Jan. 4, 2015 and closing on Feb. 5, 2015.  We had returned back home to New York, but we had no worries because Mike coordinated every transaction that needed to happen during those weeks in between, and emailed documents for us to sign along the way.  I never would have believed that completing the purchase of a home over long distance could be done so easily – but the trust that we developed in the Wingers during our week in Sarasota enabled us to feel completely confident about having Ann and Mike take care of all details of our closing for us.

The Wingers are a dynamic duo who went above and beyond in all they did to help us turn our dream of owning a condo in Sarasota into a reality!

MaryEllen and Joe Kavanaugh

From: Scott Zolnier
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2014 9:14 AM
To: mike winger
Subject: Re: Sale of 4712 Meadowview Circle Approved HUD Zolnier

Mike & Ann,
I want to thank you for all you did to sell my house. Without your management and organizational efforts, the house would still be in the fix-up stages and months away from listing. You knew what had to be done in the way of repairs, who to do the work necessary, and what people looked for in a house. You also saved me money in repairs. Further, as I was out of state, it was very comforting to know that I could completely rely on you at every turn. It was a pleasure to have your services. In fact, I have never met more capable realtors. You know the market, what clients want, and how to market a house for a timely sale. Thanks for everything!

Scott Zolnier


Dear Ann & Mike,

Thanks for the very kind note.  Not sure how lucky Alex is to have two crazy Uncles like Josh and myself, but he is stuck with us.  You sure are right Ann, it has been a long and challenging process.  Josh and I feel very fortunate to have found you and Mike.  We met only days after Nancy and Brent had passed away.  It was a tough time for us and finding you was a real blessing.  We both came away from our early meetings with a good feeling about the Wingers.  This was not a surprise because Nancy had told us about the nice couple that worked for Remax and lived in Southfield.  She had already decided that you were the right people to list the house.

Selling a home is always a challenge even under the best of circumstances and we all know that this was a long way from that.  Out of town owners, deferred maintenance, a recently orphaned young man in occupancy, not to mention, rats, pumps, roof leaks, smelly sneakers, and abandoned cars in the driveway, were just a few of the challenges.  You guys took charge and make it all happen.  Not only were you able to help with a long list of quality contractors, but when the contractors couldn’t make it Mike or Ann were always on site in a flash doing whatever it took to get things done.  Ann, you were terrific also in so many ways.  Helping with the interiors, the cleaning, the market information, and all the other behind the scene things to support the effort.  You guys are a great team.  When we were contemplating an important but difficult price reduction, Mike said, “This is what Ann recommends”.  That was enough for me.  Easy decision.  You gave us the gentle but firm push when we needed it and that is not easy.

This is a big step for us in moving forward after the loss of our sister and brother-in-law.  It gives us some closure on one chapter of the process and the proceeds from the sale, which will go into a trust for Alex , will be so important for him in his effort to begin a new life on his own.   The sale will also be a big help to my Mom who has had a very hard time coming to grips with the loss of the daughter she loves so much.

Thanks you again for everything you did.  We really appreciate it.  Josh and I would like to invite you to a closing dinner on us to celebrate.  I can’t tell you when but we will call you sometime soon and let you  know when we will both be in town.  I sure look forward to a fun dinner with lots of stories, laughs, and toasts to us all.  “On a job well done”


Brune Levering, Jr

From: Julie and Mark Goddord
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 9:11 PM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Thank you

Dear Ann & Mike,

Thank you for all the hard work you did in selling Mom’s house.  Your dedication to the task was outstanding. As you can imagine these past few months have been filled with much emotion.  Your understanding and attention to detail was much appreciated.

 Both Mark and I hope that you are both doing well and that in the future when we are ready to sell our home you will be ready to undertake another task.

 Our best to you both,

 Julie & Mark Goddard


To Whom It May Concern:

Today I settled on my property in Southfield – this was greatly assisted by Ann and Mike Winger – who became personally involved in the efforts needed to properly show this listing in the proper condition.  They had capable tradesmen at their beck and call and personally supervised the repairs, even assisting in them when necessary.

Finally they are very good communicators, keeping us informed from the first meeting right to the settlement table.  Again, Margaret and I thank Mike and Ann Winger for being there for us!

Ken Myhre

4725 Meadowview Cir
Sarasota, FL 34233

From: patrice kwiat
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 12:09 PM
To: Ann Winger; Mike Winger
Subject: Reference!

Dear Ann and Mike,
I wanted to enclose a reference for you to use on your site. And thank you again for the great experience I had with you!

I was so fortunate to find this wonderful team of Ann and Mike Winger as my real estate agents. They were instrumental in helping a solo searcher from another state find a lovely home. From the beginning of the process right through to closing and beyond, I have nothing but praise for this duo. They know all the ins and outs, any help we needed they knew who to contact and at value price. Six months later, we all extend a heartfelt thank you, for their persistence, perseverance and gentle prodding they gave to a novice buyer. We are beyond happy with our home and so glad Ann and Mike were there to help us succeed. We highly recommend you consider Ann and Mike Winger if you are looking for real estate agents in the Sarasota area!


Trish and Kevin Kwiat.

From: Cameron Smith []
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 1:33 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: 984 Panda Road in Venice

Morning Mike,

For anyone who is looking for a real estate agent in the Sarasota Florida area please consider Mike and Ann Winger. They did such an incredible job in selling my mother’s house in Venice Fl that it sold in less than 24 hours! My mother and I couldn’t believe it!!! They also helped with follow-up on issues that came up after the sale that helped us out a lot. Since I live in California, it really helps to have someone who is in the Florida area to know all the ins and outs of the whole process in Florida from soup to nuts. All the vendors they reccommended for tree trimming, maintenance, moving, and hauling all did a great job at very reasonable prices too! My mother is now living comfortably in senior living without the burden of maintaining a household. Many thanks to the Wingers!!!



From: Carol Bond Chap
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 10:31 AM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Thank you

Ann and Mike,

We have a very sincere thank you to you two for all the help you’ve given us over the years in looking for our first home. It’s been a long process in coming out here to Southwest Florida, but the timing was right for us now. Thank you for being in for the “long haul”. You two really went above and beyond and are just exceptional in what you do.

It’s exciting to finally have a home now, and also funny that we started in Gulf Gate and ended up in Gulf Gate after all this time.

We appreciate your thoughtful gifts. We also have something for you and would like to get together with you in the next week or so. As you know, things have been pretty hectic this last week and this weekend, but we will be in touch with you.


From: Linda Nowosielski

Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 4:45 PM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Re: Sale of 802 Sandpiper in Nokomis 🙂

Once again, the Wingers can succeed when there is failure all around. Ann and Mike listed and sold my home In Nokomis In a little over 3 months. The photos and virtual tour were amazing, and we had showing after showing. Their follow up with each realtor was top notch and the closing was done in less than 3 weeks. I have purchased a home from them, referred all my friends to them and will continue to sing their praises. Bravo!

Linda N
Sent from my iPad

From: Gregory F. Rich
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 9:52 PM
To: Ann & Mike Winger
Subject: Re: Closed and funded


Thank you so much for your work in selling the condo. We were very pleased with your accessibility. I think your keen sense for market conditions was the key in pricing and marketing our property for such a quick sale after another realtor failed after 6 months on the market!

I’d be happy to speak with any potential customers for you.

Thanks again,


From: mistyminnick
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 1:19 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Re Closing Today on 4630 Meadowview Circle in Southfield:

Mr Winger, You were awesome, I cant say enough good about you! From start to finish it was handled very professionally! Thanks again, being out of state made it much easier with a seasoned professional such as yourself!
Misty Minnick

From: Janet T(withheld by request)
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 12:40 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Mike,

Sorry it’s taken awhile to get this to you.
Thanks again for all your help with the short sale. Honestly, I wouldn’t have made it without you!
Hope all’s well in your world!
You will be the only realtor I recommend!

I successfully navigated my way through a short sale with Mike’s diligent assistance. It was a lengthy and confusing process; however, Mike always made me feel comfortable and confident that we would reach finish line. At times, when it seemed the process may have stalled completely, he remained hopeful and initiated contact with the necessary parties and always kept me informed. I highly recommend Mike Winger to anyone considering a short sale in the Sarasota area.

– Janet

From: Lin Wellford
Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 8:57 AM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Re: CLOSED!
Hi Mike-
I was off on a river for the past week but wanted to thank you and Ann once again for all you did to help find a house that would work for us. I know it must have been strange to have an out-of-town buyer as part of this process, and to be trying to find a property that would satisfy two different sets of requirements. There were near misses and diappointments along the way. If you got frustrated or aggravated, it never showed, and I so appreciated your willingness to share you expertise and insights into the complicated ins and outs of house buying down there. I don’t think we could have gotten this done without your energy and unflagging determination.

I know we could not have found a better guide to get us through to a successful ending. Skye has met some of the neighbors and reports that she feels so very good about where they will be living. It’s close to my mother and in an area that has stood the test of time. I look forward to getting down there as soon as I can manage it.

Meanwhile, I wish you continued success. It appears that the market there is in the process of turning a corner and perhaps you will soon be back in one of those golden periods that have been the hallmark of the real estate business in Sarasota.



From: Phil Colandro
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 11:13 AM
To: ‘Mike Winger’
Subject: Reference

Our experience with Ann & Mike Winger was great. We were involved in a short sale to avoid a foreclosure on an investment property, not the most pleasant situation. Despite all the problems of dealing with banks, code officials, buyers, etc, Mike was continuously enthusiastic and relentlessly moved the sale forward. He kept appointments on time, returned calls as he promised, wrote coherent emails and letters, and most importantly, kept a positive attitude in spite of a very small commission. In fact, when the sale almost fell through at the last minute, Mike and his wife generously reduced their already modest fee to complete the deal, an uncommon but greatly appreciated gesture in local real estate brokerage.

They went the extra mile whenever necessary and we would recommend them without hesitation.

Philip A. Colandro

From: Diane Gentile
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2010 8:22 PM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Testimonial

Hmm. Where do I begin….I think from the heart…

Dear Ann and Mike,

Saying “Thank You” seems so trivial to me given the fact of all that the both of you have done for my family and especially me. My going through this process alone while Chris was still in NJ, was very trying and frightening. I was (and unfortunately still am) having a hard time with my NJ Realtor and was very apprehensive that I was in for more of the same with you. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. The two of you were amazing from taking pictures of the house for me, negotiating a quick and fair deal to helping with the incidentals afterwards. You were both there for me physically and emotionally. There were some things that were unforeseen, but you guys handled it and made it OK. There was me flipping out over the “prehistoric” bugs you have down here, but Mike was here in less than 2 hours sprayed for me and made it OK. WHO DOES THAT???? I, being the cynical New Yorker, expected nothing more from you after the closing. I am so glad to say that I was so wrong! I was blessed to have you as my realtor and honored to have you as my friend (my 1st in Florida!!!)

You guys are wonderful!!

Love Diane and Chris Gentile and Samantha!!

From: Pam Roy
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 9:40 AM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Thank You!

Ann & Mike,

Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to finding me the perfect new home in Florida. Your assistance before I came to Florida was true dedication. You made the entire experience less stressful for me and your help with all of the “little things” was a very welcome addition to the whole process. You went above and beyond what a typical realtor would do for their client. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends and/or family here or anyone relocating from another state.

Your “fussiest” client,

Pamela Roy
Barre, Vermont

From: Wallace Hampson
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 3:58 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Re: It’s SOLD!!!
Even though it seems like forever while its going on, you got it sold very quickly in this market. Your hard work didn’t go un-noticed with several neighbors and I had several comments from them like ‘I’ll say one thing about your realtor…he works for you. He is always over there working or checking on things’.
Glad I was lucky enough to have called you!

This is one great burden off of our shoulders. You did a great job and we will recommend you to all of our friends who still live down there. Best wishes.

Thanks again, Melinda and Wallis Hampson

From: Elaine Burns
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 7:04 PM
To: Ann Winger

Mike & Ann,
Thank you so much for all your help during the purchase of our Sarasota condo. Your time and effort in preparation before our arrival paid off. We truly enjoyed our overall experience. We will be pleased to recommend friends & family to “Ring the Wingers” for their real estate needs. Thanks again.

Jim & Elaine Burns
Voorheesville, NY

From: Linda Nowosielski
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 1:11 PM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Reference!

Ann and Mike Winger are the best in the business. They have taken professionalism and personality to a new level. They know everything about the area and the properties in Sarasota county. We couldn’t be happier with our new home and the great service we had, even during the collapse of the financial markets at the time. We are happy now to consider them friends.

Linda and Mike

From: Matt and Megan Otto

Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 6:13 PM
To: Ann and Mike Winger

Dear Ann and Mike,

Perseverance and persistence is name of your game! Matt and I would like to thank you both so very much for helping to make our dreams come true. You have both been so hard working and diligent throughout the time that we have worked with you. It is wonderful to work with such a dynamic Winger team. Thank you for all of your time and hard work, the Otto family truly appreciates it. We love our new home, it is even more than we had hoped for.


Megan, Matt, Ethan, and Owen Otto

From: Tammy McKay
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 10:45 AM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Thank You

Ann and Mike,

Thank you so much for being my real estate agents! By combining your dedication, professional knowledge, and hard work, you make the “Winger Team” an impressive force. I appreciate your patience and unswerving professionalism in spite of my many questions, concerns, and requests and value the scope of your knowledge in this constantly changing economic environment. The road was a long one, and I appreciate your time and assistance. I now have a place to call home!

– Tammy –

From: Josh and Christie Edwards
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 8:43 PM
To: Mike Winger

Hi Mike and Ann,

We are greatly appreciative for all the both of you did in making the search for the right place an
enjoyable experience. Without your help we definitely would have been in a mess! Christi and I had
no idea where to start or where to look and you both made sure we went in the right direction.
So I must say I learned a lot during the weeks we searched about what not to look for and what to act
upon when we saw it. As far as the new house goes we are working as quickly as we can with 3 kids!
We are painting the interior top to bottom, replacing all the vents, outlets and switches throughout.
We just bought a complete set of appliances from someone who is unfortunately loosing their house
to foreclosure. They were all 1 year old and very modern GE equipment. We got a dishwasher, glass
top stove, side by side fridge, under cabinet micro, washer and dryer for 600. So sometimes others
misfortune is another’s fortune as you all know too well! We’ll be in touch and have you over when we
get it all settled. Thanks again!
Josh & Christi Edwards

From: Candace Smith-Ortiz
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2009 5:28 PM
To: Mike and Ann Winger
Subject: Thank you so much Mike!
Mike and Ann,
Thank you so much for all of your help to get my difficult short sale completed with such efficiency. As a former Real Estate Paralegal I have worked with many Realtors and have never come across a Realtor that works as passionately and diligently as you do, to get a sale closed. You were extremely, professional, knowledgeable, and honest throughout my entire deal which I really appreciate. From the very beginning you took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and spent a considerable amount of time advertising my home and making the most eye catching and appealing fliers as well as a virtual tour. Even when the banks were taking way too much time and we could have lost the deal, you made sure to spend time calling and emailing them every day and I’m certain that if it wasn’t for you, the
banks slow action would have surely caused the buyers to walk away. I am also very impressed by how you answered my calls and emails within the hour on almost every occasion and I really felt that you were constantly looking out for my best interest even if it meant the deal may not have gone through. I could not have asked for a better Realtor and will definitely be raving to all of my friends about your talents while recommending that they use you for all of their sale and purchase needs.
Candace Ortiz

From: Bruce Deery
Date: Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 3:54 PM
Subject: Re: IT’S DONE 🙂
To: Ann Winger

To whom it may concern :

Ann and Mike Winger just closed on my Condominium in Sarasota…If you are looking for a Realtor,as a Realtor myself,I cannot recommend them highly enough…I was $25-30,000 upside down with my mortgage and they had to pursue a Short Sale,with probably the most difficult lender and Loss Mitigation person possible. Their dedication,persistence,professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile over the course of 7 months,in a very depressed market was simply outstanding !….With their experience,real estate certifications and the fact they are also Mortgage Brokers,you simply can not go wrong by hiring them to handle your real estate transactions.

Bruce Deery, REALTOR

Little Switzerland, NC 28749
Sent: January 19, 2009
From: Sandor Farkas
To: Mike Winger Realtor
Re: Thank You!

Dear Mike & Ann.

We would like to thank you guys for the excellent service that you provided to us in short selling our house. You were real lifesavers. We are highly recommending you guys to anyone else who are in the same shoes. Unfortunately it is not a good time to sell a property.

We wish you guys all the best, and thanks again.

Renata Gulyas and Sandor Farkas

From: jennifer Murphy
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 8:35 PM
To: Ann Winger
Subject: Thanks!

Hi and Merry Christmas!

What can I say about Ann and Mike Winger? The dedication to me both personally and professionally was more than I could hope for in a realtor. They had my home sold in less than 24 hours! Do I need to say more?


From: Dave McAlpine
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 9:48 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Re: Quick question

Mike , Let me start out by saying thank you for helping my mother out in Florida. I asked Marie for an aggressive agent in Florida and she sent me to you and your wife. I am so glad she did. You are professionals and know how to get the job done. Thanks again,

David McAlpine

TO: Mike Winger
From: jackie pinto
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 7:36 AM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Short Sale

Mike and Ann,

I want to thank you one more time for your great job . Since we’ve talked for the first time, you were very clear and specific about a short sale . Things worked just the way you said, you kept me informed all the time and I could see how you worked every week to have this sale done . Flavio and I really appreciated your good job and also being so nice to us and understanding the stress we were going through . You are great guys and great professionals!

Thanks for all!

Jackie Pinto and Flavio Martinho

From: John Thoma
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 12:47 PM
To: Mike Winger
Subject: Thank You!!

Hi Mike & Ann,
I just want to say THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into getting this Short Sale transaction closed for me. I can honestly say that I don’t think it would have closed without your assistance.

Throughout the whole process, your professionalism, honesty and integrity were apparent. You made, what was a very difficult situation, more than bearable. You went above and beyond what I would ever of have expected from a Realtor. I really appreciate how well you handled all the back and fourth negotiating with the bank and ALL the other myriad of details involved with getting a Short Sale completed.

Again, without your professionalism and attention to detail, this transaction would not have closed. Getting a Short Sale completed is not for the inexperienced, or faint of heart, and you proved that you have all the skills and expertise to get the job done.

You were also a pleasure to work with on a personal level. If you ever need a reference in the future I would be more than happy to supply one. And I can assure you that if I know anyone looking for the a great Realtor in the Sarasota market that I will insist that they to call you.

Thanks again and all the best!

John Thoma

From: Dan Nanni
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 12:19 PM
To: Ann Winger
Cc: Mike Winger
Subject: A Glowing Recommendation

Dear Ann, Mike,

We were in a stressful situation and we needed to move out, fast. While home buying was something we planned on, the timing on it was not in our favor. What was a couple new to the Sarasota area to do?

Ann and Mike Winger to the rescue!

Seriously, I cannot thank the both of you enough for the help you provided us with throughout this entire process. I write this to you sitting in my new, lovely home, as a first-time buyer, and wonder what would have come of us without the expertise both of you provided. Tips on what to look for in purchasing a home, going above and beyond to find us a house in a beautiful neighborhood (and at such a bargain!), finding ways to lower my costs and payments without even having to ask… this was truly a one-stop-shop for all your home buying needs.

You’ve made our dreams come true and we’ll forever be grateful. I know I’ve said it before, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to say it enough.

Thank you.

Dan & Cathy Nanni

PS: Oz and Sophia thank you for their wonderful backyard!




Dear Mike and Ann,

What can I say? You were GREAT!

This was a long distance purchase. I found a waterfront home for sale on the Internet. It sounded too good to be true, so we were hesitant. My daughter Christine and her husband Gary recommended Mike, and we are so glad they did. Mike walked us through the process, we made an offer, they countered, we accepted and then the fun began. It’s a great little house but it needs a lot of work to be a cozy second home on the water. Everything we needed, Mike arranged: Inspections, Insurance, Financing, Electricity, Water & Sewer, Remodeling resources of all kinds, and even a contact person for getting the canal dredged.

I would highly recommend Mike and Ann Winger without reservation. Mike was always available to me. His responses to my emails were so timely, I felt like I was in a “chat room”. When Mike was unavailable to me due to circumstances beyond his control, Ann knew exactly what was going on and absolutely no time was wasted “catching up”. They made what could have been a very difficult process a pleasure.

Thank you so very much.


Donna & John Menger

From: mark goodman

Sent: Monday, July 02, 2007 9:36

Subject: RE: Update Sale Negotiations For My Home at 4816 Greenleaf


From: Anita Steenson
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 4:24 PM
To: Ann Winger

Subject: Thanks!

Dear Mike and Ann, the Winger Team:

Wow, I hardly know where to start in offering my thanks in helping me find such a great vacation home which is also a very sound investment! As an attorney practicing law in both Connecticut and Florida who has done real estate closings in both states for more than 10 years I have encountered hundreds of Real Estate agents before “the Winger Team” over the years. You are on a very short list of Realtors I would recommend let alone use myself! It is hard to find such ethical and reliable professionals in this field and in this market and I am greatful to you for helping us all.

Jim and I were impressed with your knowledge, experience and dedication to a smooth and fair process from the contract to the closing. We will be recommending all our friends and family to you in addition to my clients in the market for Florida property. Please feel free to use us as references as we would be very happy to share such a positive experience in more detail.

Anita and Jim Steenson

Milford, Connecticut

To Mike and Ann:
Just a few lines to try to put into words the appreciation I feel about your help with my recent home purchase.
From beginning to closing you have been the most professional and honest Realtor I know or have ever had dealings. You were always straightforward and honest, looking out for my interests at every turn, even going to bat against immovable government bureaucracies. I thought I’d seen it all when you got the state of Virginia to fax us needed information over night (when all I could accomplish was the promise of a reply within a week); but, then after the closing you persuaded an Insurance agent to cancel an undue/unnecessary levy on me. Even the elected officials in Tallahassee have not been able to save us from insurance companies! You may not be more powerful than a locomotive, but twice during this deal you moved molasses as if it were quicksilver. You really know how to take care of the customer and do your part of the job down to the letter. However, I don’t feel that contractual letters are really needed in dealing with you: you will do what is legally and more importantly, morally correct without the need of binding words. If you ever decide that a job change is needed there are a lot of people who could use some basic customer service training … and you have a PHD in that!
I also owe you thanks for doing everything in your power base to keep my part of the closing as low as possible. Your expertise saved me thousands of dollars, I’m sure!
If I’m ever again in need of a realtor you definitely will be the one I’ll call. Anyone needing a realtor would be wise to do the same and I’ll pass that around.

Thanks again for everything,
Dave Runion

From: Mike Lessick

Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 4:44 PM

To: ‘Ann & Mike Winger’

Subject: Thank You!

Dear Ann and Mike – What can I say that has not already been said? I’d like to personally thank you for continually going above and beyond the call of duty and your willingness to help in any way possible. It’s rare to find professional, honest and goodhearted business people who are not just out for financial gain, but to foster long term relationships with their clients.
As this was an investment property, I did not have anyone local to assist me should the need arise -you gave me your number and told me to contact you in case of emergency. Over the last year, you have assisted me with design decisions, construction walkthroughs, mortgage advice, decorating, appliance hookups, extermination, rental considerations…and in this difficult market, friendship and counseling as well!

Anyone looking for a full service realtor should look no further than you. I wish you continued success in the future.

Best regards – Mike Lessick

From: Daniela Mortada and Dominic avant
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 10:50 PM
To: Ann and Mike Winger REALTORS
Dear Mike and Ann,


We just wanted to let you know ,what a great experience it was, finding our new home in Bradenton. JUST WONDERFUL!!!!! What an amazing difference from the Realtors we had to deal with in Orlando.(Day and night).You guys should consider giving real estate classes to show other Realtors how it’s done right!!! From finding the right home till closing and beyond it was honest, professional but best of all personal, that we found new friends in you.

Mike – thank you so much for all your updates and all your information you provided, also for finding a great title company to save us money, and to make the move and everything else so much easier for us.

Ann – thanks for all your time on the phone calming me down, when things didn’t run smoothly in Orlando, thanks for inviting us over to your house and giving me inspirations and an actual drawing on how to make a great office space. Loved your food!!

You both went above and beyond with what we expected. We will make sure that we refer you to anybody in need of buying or selling their home. Also we really appreciated the generous cash back from your commission by closing.
We can’t thank you enough.. Daniela, Dominic and the 2 boys
Mike and Ann: Karen and I would like to thank you so much for the great service you provided in selling our home in Sarasota and then helping us find a home in Palm Harbor. Every aspect of both transactions was handled in a professional manner. Your quick response to any questions or issues that arose was most impressive. We also were thankful for your reccomendations and assistance with financing, home inspections, insurance, and a title company for the closing. It made the whole process so much easier working with such great competent realtors. Thanks again, and we wish you continued success at something you both do very well.
Best regards,
Fred and Karen Williams.

From: Kevin Lenderman and Dee Runyan
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 2:15 PM
Subject: Outstanding Real Estate performance and Thank you!
Dear Mike and Ann:

What can we say about your performance as our Real Estate agents over the past month. A lot! and it’s all great!

From start to finish the whole transaction was honest, smooth and thorough. We would recommend your service to everyone interested in the Florida Real Estate market. You two truly provide the best product available.

My wife, Dee, and I had been looking for a property to purchase in the Sarasota/Longboat Key area for a few years. We had contacted several Real Estate Agents over that time and had encountered agents either not willing to follow up with us or ones with MLS listings that typically provided only 5-10 properties that fit our broad requirements. Within 2 hours of submitting our request to you at “”, we had a list of over 150 properties that fit our description sent to us, and personal calls from both you and Ann. Something no other Real Estate company was willing to provide prior to this.

Dee and I were so excited that we spent 6 hours that night pouring over all the information on the properties and created a spread sheet that allowed us to compare the items in our new found treasure…….a “stack” of property listings to choose from……and they all fit our requirements! Within a day we kept coming back to 1 specific property. Unfortunately, the description on the property was a bit sketchy (lacking pictures and a few important details) due to the fact that it was a new listing and the listing agent was having physical problems getting around. But again you and Ann surprised us. You called the listing agent and found all the information we needed to advance our prospects of purchasing the property; you personally drove out to inspect the property, and arranged to pick up my wife at the Sarasota airport the next day to allow her to inspect the property herself. Upon Dee’s visit, where you were most gracious in picking her up at the airport and driving her to the property, she was elated with the property! We put a bid on it the next day, and the closing was set for about 20 days later.

Mike, imagine that. All within 4 days of contacting you and Ann, Dee and I accomplished something we had been unable to do over the past 3 years! And within 25 days were the proud new owners of our dream property!

I would enjoy speaking or e-mailing with other potential buyers or customers about your service, feel free to pass this note on. You and Ann are great real estate agents, and wonderful people.

For anyone else who may want to know more details, this was an easy purchase for us, but in no way was it a simple transaction for Mike and Ann. Items I failed to mention, but were essential to getting the property purchased were:

We live in Atlanta, the seller lives in St.Louis, and the closing was held in Sarasota, with neither party attending.
The property had a previous offer fall through literally hours before ours came in. Mike and Ann made our offer be known swiftly and accurately to the sellers.
The Wingers were in constant contact with us about several issues on going. All phone calls were promptly answered.
A third party was legally representing the seller.
Mike and Ann “always” informed us of what the priorities were through the entire process.
My wife travels constantly for her job, which makes it tricky to coordinate signatures required in Real Estate paperwork. Some how, the Wingers were able to make me almost forget to include this point. They helped coordinate the timing of all of it. What had to be done for the short day that my wife was home. It all worked.
The selling agent was having severe ambulatory back pains, and Mike and Ann worked with him to “get it done” in a sensitive way. Outstanding!
Mike and Ann helped arrange potential companies to handle the title, home inspection, insurance, lending, and pest inspection. Also coordinated property association paperwork, local utilities information, critical dates for loans, closing and inspection. We didn’t use all of them, but we never felt pressured to either. The ones we did use were all reputable professionals.
To top it all off, the Wingers gave us back thousands of dollars with their money back offer, all spelled out in the papers at closing!
Mike and Ann met with me personally at my first visit to the new property and were still helping me with several “new home owner” issues. Still helping!
I honestly cannot say enough about how good the Wingers were in this purchase. This is the 4th property my wife and I have purchased together, and we have never experienced such support in any of the three previous transactions. And the three previous purchases were done in the same town we lived in!
I know this all may sound a bit too good; like Mike and Ann are close to Sainthood, but in Real Estate transactions, I do believe in angels. I guess that’s where the “WINGERS” fit in. Truly a blessing in what has the potential to be a hellish experience.
Please give Mike and Ann a try, especially if you’ve had any bad experiences in the past. They will help you put your mind at ease!
Mike and Ann, we wish you all the success in the world. Thanks for everything!Best regards, Kevin and Dee

March 13, 2006
Hi Mike and Ann,
We wanted to tell you what a wonderful home buying experience we had, thanks to you. Our situation was a difficult one. You remained professional and patient through all issues that came up. You even went above and beyond the call of duty after the sale was final.
We really enjoyed our house hunting with you. Thank you so much for everything.
Ben Schultz &
Stephanie Fremming

January 5th, 2006
It is difficult for me to describe and document how wonderful Ann & Mike Winger were to deal with through the out of state process of purchasing our second home. I myself am in the mortgage business and have had many dealings with local realtors and have never met such down to earth genuinely kind people. Not only did they go above and beyond to make the transaction happen smoothly and efficiently, Ann actually met the furniture company at the condominium a month after the closing to accept my furniture delivery. She even vacuumed! I know that we have made friends for life and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that I know.
Jennifer and Jim Lynch
Milford, CT

July 3, 2005
Dear Mike and Ann:
I feel compelled to write a few words in regards to our home purchase. Myself and Christine looked at several homes for sale including and attending numerous open houses….only to be “pressured” by sales people. This made the experience, not only hard but frustrating. After calling your phone number listed on the for sale sign I expected the same; To our surprise, you were totally the opposite. Yourself and Ann treated us like we were old friends and I never had any doubt that you would see the deal through to the end with every body’s interest involved. We bought a beautiful house in the City of North Port and can not be happier. You spent a lot of effort, even when the deal was in jeopardy, for that I thank you!

On a personal note, I have been a police officer for over 15 years and am currently a Police Officer for the City of North Port. Believe me when I tell you I know good people from the bad. We put all of our trust into you and Ann, without any type of agent working on our behalf and I still never had a doubt about your character. I would highly recommend you to anyone that asks for assistance in real estate…in fact, will continue to use your services in the future. Good luck and thank you.
P.S. Mike would gladly wait for HOURS for an insect inspection report….just ask him.
Gary Arsenault and Christine Menger

August 4, 2005

Dear Ann & Mike,
Thank you so much for helping me through the process of purchasing a home. Who knew that right after you helped my parents buy a home AND sell theirs, that you’d be helping me find a new home so shortly thereafter?!

Your professional guidance, friendliness (that goes a long way!) and knowledge of the local market helped me find the right house for me within my budget requirements. I love it!

In addition, your attention to the “details” was appreciated, always calling and updating me with e-mails. My closing was the smoothest closing I have ever been a part of…….that was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise.

If your potential clients need a reference, feel free to have them contact me personally. I will not hesitate to recommend The Winger Team to anyone seeking to purchase or sell a home in this area.

Best regards,
Greg Schmertmann
North Port, FL

Dear Mike and Ann,
Of all the realtors we have worked with you guys have earned a five star rating. You went above and beyond. Traveled over 40 miles one way to help us find our beautiful home with ease and comfort. You were always there for us any time of the day or night. You went from the beginning to the end of the deal. You found us a mortgage broker and title company. Everyone worked together to make our closing go so smoothly. We highly recommend you to anyone. And if or when we need a realtor we will be calling you guys. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Keep up the great work. You are a great team in all ways.

Virginia and Al Banker

January 30, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:
My husband John Caproon and I recently sold our home using, using Ann & Mike Winger of Sarasota, FL. Our experience with them was one we felt was most refreshing, considering our past experience with realtors.
We found Ann & Mike to be very helpful and instrumental in assisting us to sell (2) homes. Not only did we sell our own home, we also had to sell my mothers home in Venice, Florida. Both homes sold in 5 days with prices leading the market. That is 5 days from the time they were listed on the MLS to the acceptance of an offer.
Mike and Ann made recommendations on what we needed to do to market both homes successfully. We took their recommendations and met with success. They provided contacts for us for repairs, painting, etc. We were able to get comparisons on the jobs as well. Mike physically helped John with caps on the roof and even moving some items. It took a little longer to prepare the houses for sale, but the results were immediate when the houses went on the market.
Mike and Ann also paid personal attention to my mother, helping her (age 84) to manage her dogs when her house was being shown, picking up small items for the finishing touches and being understanding of her situation and needs.
My husband and I highly recommend Mike and Ann Winger to anyone who is interested in selling their home. Their follow up was great and they were in touch with us through the entire process. We also recommend their suggestions be given serious consideration, as we feel these made a difference in the marketing our homes in such a timely manner

Constance E. Caproon

Dear Mike and Ann:

There are two words to describe Ann and Mike Winger. They’re Great!

They were very helpful and very professional. They were there for any questions to be answered. They were also friendly and even after the sale they were there for us. We really felt that they were with us, they felt like friends.

Bill and Irene Layton.

4/6/05 To: The Winger Team

Kitty and I purchased a house in February 2005 and we had a great time doing it. We used Ann and Mike Winger as our real estate agents. Ann and Mike really care; they took a personal interest in our getting the exact house we wanted in a price range we could afford. They are bright, happy people who are a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and are not shy about asking the tough questions. Because of them we were able to purchase the house of our dreams. I recommend them whether you are buying or selling.

Clif and Katherine Randolph

From: Gloria Schmertmann Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 8:05 PM

To: Ann & Mike Winger Subject: Thanks for Contract

Hi Ann and Mike – Got the contract…thanks. And special thanks for helping Gary work out the financial problems. By the way, I have decided to spend the gift certificate you gave us on a new tree for the backyard at Tennyson. It will be a new and original species called “The Winger Tree” 🙂

Talk to you soon – Gloria

P.S. Best Wishes in being highest in sales at your office in January!

May 26, 2005
“Harry and I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding assistance in both the purchase of a new home and the sale of our old home. Our home sold in nine days and that would not have happened without your excellent professional guidance and marketing skills.

Since we both have had real estate licenses ourselves for years and Harry worked as a real estate appraiser for a bank for eleven years, we feel qualified to assess the competencies of real estate professionals. You both are number one in our book!

Your care and concern for our personal desires in a home that related to our lifestyle is greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with this attitude as opposed to constant pressure to “Make a Sale”.

We will continue to highly recommend your services to all of our family, friends, and acquaintances in the future. Thanks again for providing such a high quality of customer service and satisfaction! We wish you much success in the field of real estate and all your future endeavors.”
Gloria and Harry Schmertmann