All in the Family & All in a Days Work!

All in the Family and All in A Day’s Work!

Normally we put client references on our reference page (and that list just keeps growing and growing!) but this one is a little special. We think Adam Kwiat is exceptional at finding his clients that perfect home and nobody works harder to make a deal come together and stay together. But recently Adam’s sister (and his business partner on a number of rental properties) Haley needed a home for herself and really she needed to react quickly. Criteria can be even tougher for family. They wanted a GREAT neighborhood, someplace where she can walk to lots of the best of Sarasota. And that can cost a lot! But they are both savvy real estate investors too – it had to have loads of upside potential while still being a great place to live RIGHT NOW.  Adam to the rescue and below Haley insists she gets to be a customer reference for her hard working brother!  We’re so lucky to have Adam on our team too!

Haley Kwiat’s Review:

“While I view myself as my brother’s biggest champion, I also know that I can be his absolute toughest critic. That being said, I am thoroughly impressed with the job that he did finding, negotiating and guiding me through the sale of my awesome new house. I had been searching in this area for months and Adam picked up on this house that I had failed to come across. Adam negotiated a good deal and in 30 days it was mine. I would recommend him to everyone I know, he’s truly exceptional at what he does. Oh and Let me just say: I LOVE my house!

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RingTheWingers Welcomes a New Team Member for the first time in twelve years – Adam Kwiat!


With the market as strong as it is and the number of transaction sides our team generates continuing to increase we have decided it’s time to add a member to our team. And it’s just our luck that when we were ready to expand someone as talented as Adam Kwiat has come along! We have sold Adam and his sister Hayley five rental properties since 2014 and so we have had plenty of opportunity to work closely with him. We feel Adam brings the type of enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to hard work that has defined our growth for the past 12 years and we look forward to Adam’s participation to drive us to the next level. His presence will allow us to expand further in investment properties, second homes and by freeing up some capacity allow us to further penetrate the luxury home sector and with Adam’s considerable foreign experience and language skills, the international markets as well. Welcome Aboard Adam! Below is a brief bio so you can get to know this great addition to our team!

Adam is originally from Upstate New York, having moved to the Sarasota area in mid 2014 to start a rental property business with his sister. Through this his interest in the real estate industry grew, and led him to pursue licensure and become an agent. Owning a number of properties in Sarasota has afforded Adam intimate knowledge of the market in Sarasota, particularly the dynamics and nuances of investment properties and property management. Adam has made it a point during his time in Sarasota to become familiar with the area, including its various sub-divisions, key streets, popular venues, as well as the local school system (including school ratings/desirability), so as to better assist clients in making decisions regarding sales and purchases. He is conversational in Spanish and Mandarin.

Adam holds degrees in International Politics and Mandarin Chinese, and enjoys playing soccer, reading, and keeping up with current events. However, outside of real estate Adam’s other passion is travel, having been to almost 50 countries across 6 continents. A self-styled “people person”, Adam much enjoys conversation and human interaction, and this contributes greatly to his travels. As he puts it: “To me most important thing, the reason why I travel, is the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ways of life. To leave your comfort zone a bit and experience something of, I think at least, real value. Seeing famous landmarks and sights is of course great, but I prefer the Human Element”

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Our Very First Client, Virginia Banker.

One of the strongest and sweetest people we have had the great opportunity to know since we began working here in Florida passed away today. Virginia Banker and her husband Al were the VERY first customer we ever sold a house to. Just starting out in a new venture Virginia found us on the internet and allowed us to help her find a new home in Englewood. Virginia’s home needs were different than most. She and Al ran a small Adult Living Facility within their home. At any given time there might be 4 or even 5 older adults living with the Bankers. I wasn’t used to the idea when I moved here. It almost seemed strange to me that people with families would put their elderly folks in the care of someone else at their home.
But I remember stopping by the house in Englewood any number of times as I would be in the area showing property. Going in for a cup of coffee or maybe arriving at the house at “Ice Cream Time”. Honestly it really felt like a big family only with Al and Virginia and maybe one other person handling all the “chore” part of living. People were happy! I attended one “clients” birthday party, an open house, and just quick visits and the feeling was always one of folks being loved and cared for.
And the lot behind her house became available and Virginia and Al wanted to buy it and one of the people living with them wanted to help them with it. All of them were so excited to have the vegetable garden etc back there. Once again it was very much like a large family.
Maybe I’d stop by and Virginia was outside, taking a break. I remember her more than once telling me of first knowing a certain person was near the end and then she’d say last night she got no sleep as she held someone’s hand until they were gone. These people likely had families etc but it was left to Virginia to be the one who did that for them. She did so with grace and humility. The longer I knew them the more I thought folks were actually lucky then to be given the chance to spend their end years with Virginia and Al.
They were certainly not getting rich doing what they did. It put a roof over their head but that came with all the work involved in what it takes to feed and house people who no longer can do much for themselves. I remember too the new house had a new washer and dryer but of course Virginia had commercial level equipment so these would never do. At MY house the washer and dryer were getting up in years and I asked Virginia to sell me the ones in the new house. She would hear NONE of it. I was to TAKE them and she would not take a penny! And I actually did bring a trailer to her closing. They sit in my house today, 13 years later! A gift, just because I needed them!
I heard recently she had a bout with lung cancer and today I received a note from her daughter that she passed away after a week in Hospice. I’m sure her family surrounded her and let her know she was so loved. Just as she had for so many others in her life. She gave so many a peaceful end to their life’s journey with her strength and compassion. Thank you Virginia for being the person you were. Ann and I were so lucky to have had the chance to know you!

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Ringing out the old and Ringing in the new – Ring The Wingers style!

What a year 2014 turned out to be! It was our 10th year as REMAX agents – that makes 20 years of combined experience with the number one Real Estate franchise in the World. It was also our very best year in Real Estate, so we decided, at our ten year anniversary, it was time for a revamp of our online presence! What you’re seeing here is the beginning of that. As we roll into 2015, we roll out our new RingTheWingers website and new RingTheWingers brand. The logo is a little cleaner and up to date and conveys more of the spirit of the Florida lifestyle. We also are putting a bit more emphasis on our passion for waterfront living and our“personal” style that we feel adds to our “Customer for Life” focus with our clients. That personal touch is the heart of our business and it covers everything for sharing our love for living near the water to sharing photos of Ann’s “babies”, our two loveable bulldogs.

We’ve also revamped our already powerful website home search tools, which are designed by Diverse Solutions, the IDX folks from Zillow. We’ll soon be adding access for you to both Matrix, the local MLS tool, and to As those happen I will place information on how to use them right here.

If you like our new look, or even if you don’t, we’d love to hear from you. And we’d like to thank our working partners from the Law office of Eric Fleming for their participation and to the folks at Blink-Tech who helped us with our new website and logo design.

Most of all we want to thank everyone who made 2014 a banner year for us and we look forward to working with you in 2015 and for years to come! Happy New Year!

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Amazing Homes of Siesta Key!

Come see what’s available on the barrier island of Siesta Key, Florida. You’re going to be blown away at what your dollar gets you these days. Come vacation or even live at the beach voted in 2011 as Dr. Beach’s Number One overall: the pure white sands of Siesta Key!

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